Who is the richest celebrity couple?

In recent weeks, the pairing of singer Taylor Swift and football player Travis Kelce has been the subject of much discussion.

However, while the two celebrities are very popular in their respective fields, together, their fortunes in the world of showbiz are not great, reports Daily Mail.

The prize for richest couple goes again to Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

In second place, singer and entrepreneur Rihanna and her husband A$AP Rocky are just ahead of the Swift-Kells couple.

Here are the top 10

Beyonce and Jay-Z (3,04 G$)


Rihanna and A$AP Rocky (1,4 G$)

Photo Archives, AFP

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce ($1.13 billion)

Photo by MEGA/IF

Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet ($725 million)

Getty Images via AFP

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck ($500 million)


Victoria and David Beckham ($520 million)


Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds ($380 M)


Hailey and Justin Bieber ($320 M)


Joe Kravitz and Channing Tatum ($90 M)

Photo by MEGA/IF

Zendaya and Tom Holland ($40 M)


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