Pedro Suarez-Verdis advised Vasco Maduano after learning that Guillermo was the son of Devila |  NCZD EMCC |  BOCONVIP

Last weekend It surprised his followers by confirming it Yes it is his son.

Thus, many characters have expressed their views on the matter, one of them , 18-year-old with a recommendation.

Dear Vasco: 20 years later your Venezuelan father acknowledged that he is your biological father through a video he posted on his Instagram account. He also promised to make up for lost time and strengthen his family relationship with you., Read at the beginning of the message.

The singer-songwriter then puts a piece of Devila’s message to Madhu and advises him, although at the time he agreed not knowing how to feel.

You need to know that journalism is the hardest thing you can achieve in an artist’s life. There are thousands of Peruvian talents, better than you and me, who will give their lives for many years even for a school newspaper.He added.

Likewise, he advised to make his art known using this media power. In addition, at that age (Vasco’s) he lost his father, while at the same time he remembered that he had got one.

“I lost my father at your age, but you won one. Throw away the bag of the past”, Sentenced.

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