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For the first time since November 2019, Celine Dion is releasing an original song. On Thursday morning, the actor shared the title track of the new film, Love again (Love again), in which he will play his own role. The piece will appear on the film’s complete album, which includes five new songs by Celine.

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You will love again! Celine sings the chorus of the new track to the delight of the diva’s fans.

Listening to the lyrics of this new song, you can’t help but draw parallels to Charlemagne’s career as a singer.

It speaks of a final farewell that leaves a sense of emptiness; It may be tempting to give up, but you shouldn’t.

The sun will rise again […] This is not the end, you will love again [le soleil va briller de nouveau, ce n’est pas la fin, tu vas retrouver l’amour] “, Celine sings, perhaps referring to what the main character is experiencing in the film. Love again. We can also wonder if Celine will “find love again” after the death of Rene Angelil, a widow since 2016.

Interestingly, the song Love again Co-written by Dan Wilson and Rosie. Wilson is part of the Semisonic group, which launched Megahit in 1998 Closing time. The singer also co-wrote Lovers never die For Celine on her latest studio album, CourageIn 2019.

Sharing the song on social media Thursday morning, Celine and her team announced the full album of the film Love again The film will be released on May 12, a week after its theatrical release.

“Our Tribute to Celine”

The album will consist of 14 songs, including 5 new pieces from Celine (Love again, I’ll be there, waiting for you, the love of my life, the gift) will include six of the singer’s greatest hits (It’s all coming back to me now, all of me, where my heart beats now, a new day has come, courage, that’s the way) and music from three selections from the film.

In a statement, Celine Dion said, “I had so much fun making this film. And to have the privilege of starring in my first film alongside such talented actors as Priyanka Chopra, Jonas and Sam Heughan is a gift that I will cherish forever. I think it’s a wonderfully heartwarming story and people will love it and the new songs.” Hope you like it.”

Celine Dion to play herself in Loving Again  He recorded five new songs for the film, his first original since his album Courage, released in November 2019.

Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures

Celine Dion to play herself in Loving Again He recorded five new songs for the film, his first original since his album Courage, released in November 2019.

In a recent interview with a magazine PeopleFor his part, Sam Heughan declared, “Celine’s music combines my character and Priyanka’s,” and Priyanka Chopra added Jonas. Love again “Our Tribute to Celine”.

Positive reactions

Celine’s return to singing on Thursday was well received by her fans and the media.

“Returning to song,” he wrote Paris competition. “Charming ballad,” he said Le Figaro. Noted the “emotional lyrics”. Los Angeles Times.

Across the internet, media reactions to Celine’s new piece have been overwhelmingly positive, Love again.

“Pure Celine Dion,” France TV reported. Love again is a great introduction to the film. […] In this charming ballad, Celine Dion masters a voice that’s less powerful than her more famous titles, but remains soft and inclusive. »

Excited fans

Among the singer’s fans, the reactions were even more enthusiastic. “Just when we thought she had it all down, Celine comes along and gives us another ‘masterpiece’. This song will be on repeat all day long,” one user wrote below the video on YouTube.

“This is a new style of singing for Celine and it’s awesome,” commented another fan.

Here is the list of songs from the film’s soundtrack Love again. The first five songs from the album, which will be released on May 12, are all new pieces by Celine Dion.

  1. Love again
  2. i will be
  3. Waiting for you
  4. Love of my life
  5. gift
  6. It’s all coming back to me now
  7. Orpheus & Eurydice
  8. All by myself
  9. Where my heart beats now
  10. Celine Wisdom
  11. A new day has arrived
  12. Courage
  13. That is the way
  14. Love takes courage

The trailer Love again:

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