Michael Bublé describes how he was almost eaten by a polar bear

Michel Buble almost ended up being toast for the polar bears.

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During an appearance on the show The Kelly Clarkson Show On Tuesday, the singer revealed that he came face-to-face with a polar bear in Canada. The crooner was in the actor's company at the timeThe soldier must save RyanBerry pepper.

“At that point we were like, 'You know what we have to do? We have to run on the beach.'” So me and him and another guy ran down to this beach and a guy who lived there started swearing,” Michael Bublé revealed in an interview.

“(He's) literally cursing us and yelling — I mean, yelling until his lungs burst,” the singer continued.

Interpreter of House The man later explained that he was trying to warn them about the presence of polar bears on the beach.

“We didn't realize it, we were running towards our certain death,” he explained to Kelly Clarkson. Because there were polar bears all over the beach. And, yes, they are very aggressive – but my goodness, they are tiny. »

The Canadian singer admitted that he still thinks about the fatal incident from time to time. “Sometimes I wonder how close I was to a polar bear for breakfast,” he said with a laugh, to which the host replied: “Who would have thought there were polar bears on the beach – nobody would hear about them. . . . “Oh, polar bears on the beach. Hanging.'' That won't happen. »

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