Pedro Pascal also in the “Wrestler 2” show!
Another famous name appears in the cast of the historical show “Gladiator 2” and according to the deadline portal, Pedro Pascal has been hired. Unfortunately, it has not yet been announced who will play.

Mescal, Washington, Nielsen – All ‘Gladiator 2’ Stars

Details of the film’s plot are unknown. We know her action will take place several decades after the show ends “the gladiator”. The main character is Lucius, the grandson of Marcus Aureliuswho was originally a little boy. He will now be playing an Oscar nominee for his role in “after the sun” Paul Mescal.

From the original cast “the gladiator” We’ll see Connie Nielsen again on screen, that is Lucius’ mother.

In turn, known from the series Weird things Joseph Quinn is set to portray Emperor Caracallawho went down in the history of Rome as the murderer of his brother (with whom he was supposed to share power after the death of his father Septimius Severus), who pursued a brutal policy to remove his enemies (the wave of terror after Geta killed at least 20,000 people).

The cast also includes Barry Keoghan and Denzel Washington.

All of Hollywood wants to work with Pedro Pascal

Currently, Pedro Pascal is one of the most sought-after actors. It owes its attitude to the series, which has been well received by fans The Mandalorian by Disney+ And HBO’s “The Last of Us.”.

Pedro Almodóvar’s second short film in English will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival strange way of lifein which Pascal co-starred with Ethan Hawke. The actor is also one of the stars of Ethan Coen’s solo project “Drive Away Dolls” (co-starring Matt Damon and Margaret Qualley) and the directors’ new film “Captain Marvel” Worthy “Strange Tales”.

Almodóvar’s “Strange Way of Life” trailer

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