Stores open in May 2023. When and until what time are stores open on May 1, 2 and 3?


How do stores open in May 2023? Where can you shop for a barbecue on public holidays? Poles ask themselves such questions. A long weekend ahead, so it’s worth knowing what hours and what days Biedronka, Lidl, Żabka, Aldi and more are.


  1. Stores open May 1
  2. Stores open May 2
  3. Stores open May 3

Stores open May 2023 They will definitely be a lifesaver for many people. What time do the shops open on May 1st, 2nd and 3rd? Where do you shop for a barbecue? There’s no denying that this year’s Labor Day fits perfectly into the calendar. Not only does it start on Saturday, April 29th, but it can last up to a week! It’s enough to take three days off work just to enjoy a week off. Like a picnic, of course, bike trips, kayaks, trips to other cities, cleaning the plot and barbecue with friends. What stores will open in May 2023? At what time will it be possible to shop? Better read this info, because the shops will be closed on certain days!

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Pork neck or grilled sausage? May the weekend through the eyes of Poles #EwelinaPyta

Stores open May 1

Are the shops open or closed on May 1? Where do you shop Monday 1.05? We don’t have good news for you. Monday 1 May is a public holiday From work, so supermarkets such as Biedronka, Lidl, Aldi, Auchan, Carrefour, Społem, Groszek and others will be closed. Nor will we shop at malls, clothing stores, or DIY stores. Post offices will also be closed. From May 1, only mini markets will be open at abki and Carrefour ExpressGas stations and some local shops.

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Stores open May 2

Are the shops open on 2.05? Tuesday, May 2, falls on the Flag Day of the Republic of Poland and is one of the youngest national holidays, established in 2004. Tuesday 2.05 is not a day off, so shops and shopping centers will open on that day. Some offices, cosmetics and hairdressers may be closed. Employers can voluntarily extend the May holidays for their employees.

Stores open May 3

Are the shops open on May 3rd? Wednesday 3.05 is shown in red on the calendar, which means it is a legal day off. On this day, many Poles get a day off from work, and shops, fairs, and other service and commercial outlets are closed. On May 3, we will no longer shop in supermarkets and supermarkets. Only Habaki, Carrefour Express and gas stations can be opened.

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Does 30.04 trade on Sunday? What stores are open?

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