On the edge of tomorrow.  Tom Cruise gives it his all in this excellent sci-fi thriller

What would happen if the script turned out to be an accurate construction without errors, the film was full of good action, and the actors performed their tasks perfectly?…

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A time loop is an idea that filmmakers often use. No wonder, it’s a kind of self-paced game that, if used in the right hands, can make the viewer immerse themselves in the world on display and become involved in the events on screen. Of course, it’s very easy to fall into the trap and ruin a good initial idea due to logical holes in the script and cheap showmanship.

But what would happen if the script turned out to be fully constructed without errors, the film was full of good action, and the actors did their job perfectly? Then we will receive On the edge of tomorrow.

The events take place in the near future, when a race of aliens called Mimics launch an attack on Earth, spreading out like a swarm. Humanity joins forces to repel the enemy’s attack, and as with all upheavals of war, the propaganda machine also kicks into high gear. Its main actor is Major William Cage, who speaks with a smile about growing human superiority and the coming D-Day. Unfortunately, during the meeting with the general, an argument breaks out, as a result of which the hero is considered a deserter and ends up on the front line. While landing, he comes into contact with the alien’s blood, and since then he has been trapped in a time loop, reliving the day of the first battle again.

This is an undoubted strength On the edge of tomorrowIt is, above all, a wonderful text that can be called a mixture Groundhog Day, Minority Report I alien.

The creators have avoided logical errors, so we don’t have to raise our heads every now and then and point out all kinds of stupidity during the show. We also did not engage in cheap pathology, thinking that we would be able to add certain things to ourselves and understand the world presented in the production. to watch On the edge of tomorrow We do not feel tired or frustrated even for a single moment. The plot is attractive and exciting from beginning to end, and does not allow us to stay away from the screen even for a single moment. In addition, the entire story contains a perfectly balanced ratio of tragedy and light, unobtrusive humor, which mainly results from the time loop theme and the repetition of the same events over and over again.

Great action scenes, including a landing on the beach, also deserve special mention. Most importantly, the hated green screen was kept to a minimum and the emphasis was on practical effects – pyrotechnics, ropes and classic scenography. The whole thing makes a great impression and gives a sense of realism that many of today’s blockbusters lack. The actors run around, get dirty, get physically tired, and don’t pretend to do anything, because the computer will do the rest anyway. Kudos to the creators for the old school approach to this topic! While the space design may not be particularly creative, it is very reminiscent of what has been shown in games from the series calamityThe exteriors look great. Suitably massive, adjustable and deadly. Of all the films that have used this idea recently, Liman’s production shows it best.

The film’s acting is at a very high level. Of course, it’s just a summer blockbuster, but Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt did their job perfectly. Cruise showed once again that he is capable of giving everything he has and showed with great credibility the transformation of his hero from a coward into a soldier willing to sacrifice. Of course, he performed most of the scenes – even the dangerous ones – himself, without the help of Dublair. Blunt, as Rita “Full Metal Bitch” Vrataska, made the most of her character, showing that this strong woman hides her emotions under the cloak of personal tragedy. The icing on the cake is Bill Paxton as Sergeant Farrell. Just seeing him brings a smile to your face, and if we add his military looks and the way he talks, we get a real gem. The third part is supplemented by side characters based on stereotypes, but fortunately it is presented in an accessible way – we do not have the impression that we are watching the same thing over and over again. Although it must be admitted that when we meet the unit in which Cage is recruited, we immediately think of him Aliens – The Decisive Clash.

If I had to look for negatives, one of them would definitely be the lack of any distinct musical idea. Furthermore, I practically didn’t notice the music in this movie, not because it wasn’t there, but because it was weak and didn’t catch my attention. Another minor flaw is the ending, which appears to have been changed at the last minute by the studio. Yes, it makes sense and consistently adheres to what the creators show us, but it causes some inconsistency. Fortunately, the high rating this movie deserves cannot be changed.

On the edge of tomorrow He just became this year’s cucumber season leader. This film has everything a successful film should have: a non-silly, engaging plot that does not allow for a moment of boredom. Great, fast-paced action based on practical effects and pyrotechnics, and two main characters with whom you can feel chemistry, without falling into a cliched love story.

I haven’t had this much fun at the movies in a long time. What’s more, I think I’m going to go see Doug Liman’s painting for the second time this weekend. If any other movie threatens On the edge of tomorrow And bringing more fun and entertainment to the cinema in 2014, it can only be Guardians of the Galaxy. Right now, I’m wearing an exoskeleton and kicking an alien’s ass!

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