The best movies of 2024 (so far).  Dion 2 on the platform;  Total masterpiece wins

Best movies of 2024 – Our readers have been holding this phrase in high regard for several months, searching for the most prominent recent works in the search engine. To meet these expectations, we decided to show you two prestigious rankings that will surely suggest several products worth recommending and rank this year’s cinema and streaming experiences. Needless to say, the period from January to early June could have spoiled us in this area…

Lists of the best films of 2024 were recently issued by Time Out and Vulture, and they received praise from cinema fans. In the first one, the problem is approached in a classical way, allocating places to individual addresses. The second is just a list, which includes many gems unknown to the general public – we decided that their discovery could be valuable in itself.

Considering the first arrangement, we will quickly come to the conclusion that Sand dunes 2 It actually deserves to be called one of the best productions of 2024. However, the winner was another film, which many critics around the world unanimously called a “masterpiece”. If you haven’t had the chance to watch it in theaters yet, let’s just mention that it will soon be available on Polish VOD services.

Best movies of 2024 – Sand dunes 2 High, it is an undisputed masterpiece

Best movies of 2024 [RANKING] – A list containing some unknown gems

As a reminder: our editorial ranking of the best films of 2023 looked like this:

The best films of 2023 – rating

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