Paulicak “leaked” secret information about the PKK?  Horała requires explanations

– I am in constant contact with Mr. Maciej Lasek, who is the Government Commissioner for the Central Communications Port. (…) And I can assure you today that it will certainly not be implemented to this extent and to this extent – Karolina Poličak, a deputy from the Civic Coalition, said in an interview with, adding that “the audit of the project is underway.”

The politician also points out that “the Jarosin region is particularly affected by this investment,” and noted that “I can assure you that this project will not be implemented in this crazy way“.

Polichak “spilled”?

Marcin Horawa, former government commissioner of the Kurdistan Communist Party, responded to Policak's statement. The politician was informed of this in order to verify the words of a left-wing deputy He submitted an interrogation to the Ministry of Finance and Regional Policy.

Of course, one could assume that the MP is happily talking nonsense In isolation from the facts and ignoring her statements. However, even if this is the case in reality, it occurs among the population, business environment and institutions of the KCP. There will be those who will take these statements seriously. Or maybe the MP is already in contact with Maciej Lasek and carelessly leaked information that was supposed to be hidden from the public?

– Horała wrote on social media in a post to report on Interrogation – its content is published at the end of the text.

Quick shame

Horała's post was commented on by Pawliczak herself, who announced that “the CPK case is being handled by the Public Prosecutor's Office.” – I see that you are not familiar with the topic, or rather you were not familiar with it before. Please continue, as you should not delay much in this matter… – she wrote, to which Hora immediately responded.

“Oh my god, can you even read with comprehension? This is a notice submitted by the CPK Board of Directors, which I have disposed of, regarding irregularities in PKP PLK and not in CPK…

– Horała answered briefly.

“It's not about any scrutiny.”

Former EU Affairs Minister Simon Sinkowski Vel Seck commented on the discussion. – Representative Karolina Polichak does not know the basic facts about the Kurdistan Communist Party, which she proves by commenting on Marcin Hurawa’s interventions, which does not prevent her from continuing in various media outlets on this topic – he said.

But she has her good side… Thanks to this, we already know that this is not a reliable audit (The fact that failed minister Maciej Lasek can't even decide on the tender is another thing), but this It is already known, without an audit, that CPK's investment will be terminated

– He said.

The politician also announced that he would not allow the destruction of the main link of Wilekopolska, the Poznań-Seradz line. – As a resident of Poznań and Greater Poland, I certainly will not allow this – for politicians motivated only by the desire to get a few votes locally to squander a great development opportunity for Poland and the region. – Announce.

Below is the full text of Marcin Hurawa's interrogation to MFiPR:

Dear Minister,

On March 10 of this year, an article was published on the website quoting statements by MP Karolina Pawlicak. The MP is a member of parliament from the ruling coalition and indicates “constant contact with Commissioner Maciej Lasek.” At the same time, it provides the public with a number of basic information related to the CPK program, which has not yet been publicly announced. Taking the above into consideration, please answer the following questions:

  1. The MP says: “I can assure you today that it will definitely not be implemented to this extent and to this extent. The project is under scrutiny.” In addition to the fact that until now all audit bidding procedures have been cancelled, the seriousness of auditing carried out by independent entities is not sustainable. Is it true that on or before March 10, a decision was made that the CPK investment “certainly will not be implemented to this extent and to this extent”? If so, on what basis was this decision made if the audit was not completed (or even started)?
  2. In the context of the place of publication – the portal of the Jarocin region – should this statement be related to the investment in the construction of a section of the Siradz-Poznań railway line? This will be indicated by the deputy's additional statement: “The most important speaker on the Seradz-Poznań line will certainly be analyzed.” In this investment, the investor's alternative was selected after several months of multi-criteria analysis as part of a technical, economic and environmental study, dozens of public consultations, industrial consultations, with local government authorities, etc. Let us add that this work was performed by external experts selected in an open tender procedure. Will the effects of this work be ignored? At the end of February this year. The company signed a contract worth approximately PLN 230 million for the design of the line, which is being implemented for a specific route. Will the design work be stopped and the contract terminated?
  3. The MP added: “The case is now under consideration by the Public Prosecution.” To date, the public has not been informed of any prosecution proceedings regarding matters related to the implementation of the Anti-Corruption Law. Did the Commissioner of CPK or the authorities of CPK Company manage, in the period from January 1 to March 10 of this year? Any notifications to the Public Prosecutor's Office and, if so, what is the subject matter?
  4. At the same time, the MP announced a change in the rules for paying “compensation for confiscated property.” “If the investment happens to go into real estate, the compensation must be decent to create an opportunity to recreate the property elsewhere, because today’s law unfortunately does not provide such opportunities.” Currently, the general principles of compensation for expropriation of a public-purpose investment are regulated by the Property Management Law and have not been changed in this regard in the years 2015-2023, while the law regulates specific provisions regarding the voluntary takeover program at the Central Communications Port (by the way, it is the only one in Polish legal system since 1989, giving a broad right to use replacement value for valuation). Is the Office of the Commissioner of the Kurdistan Communist Party currently working on preparing a legislative initiative to change these rules? If so, what are the project assumptions?


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