Patient with COVID symptoms without testing 'due to vaccination'
Symptoms the man complained about at the doctor’s visit included fever, headache, sore throat, and a runny nose. The cough was supposed to be very choking. The patient reported some breathing problems. When the doctor learned that he had received a full vaccination against COVID-19, he did not refer him to Test– Define Interia.

But this is not the end. – Unfortunately, I hear references about such practices – Thomas Zielinski, Vice President of the Zielona Góra Convention, told the portal. He added that such people can be infected with the Corona virus.

The ‘classic symptoms’ of COVID

The man wanted to remain anonymous, but spoke about the course of the event. – The doctor listened, and did not look at her throat. Did not measure the temperature. She asked if I had been vaccinated, and I honestly said I was several months after the second dose. At the time, I mentioned that it doesn’t make sense to test for coronavirus, because I’ve been vaccinated – he reported.

The patient assumed that he would be referred for testing. To his surprise, the doctor announced that she would treat his symptoms. There was no diagnosis of what kind of disease he might have. She prescribed vitamin A + E, cough syrup and gargle. That’s it – tell the patient Interia.

There are more such cases

The Vice President of the Zielona Góra Convention, Tomas Zielinski, noted the matter.

– I get signals from patients and friends from doctors who have heard of such incidents where vaccinated people are not being tested for COVID-19. Of course, not only are there no hindrances to testing these patients, but even with symptoms, they should be tested. Just because someone is vaccinated doesn’t mean they can’t get sick. Such people are less likely to get sick, but they get sick – the doctor explained.

Zelensky hoped that such behavior of doctors in such cases was caused only by a “mistake in the information”. – I hope it is not related to this person’s medical knowledge and shortcomings. He stressed that it’s kind of a failure for me that we all suffer.

NHF: vaccinated people should be tested

Intria also commented on this issue from the Ministry of Health. The ministry stressed that patients who show symptoms should be referred for examination. It was pointed out that the question of whether or not to vaccinate against the coronavirus should not be relevant here.

– Diagnostic tests and quarantine or isolation are aimed at breaking the chain of infection and is one of the ways to reduce the effects of the epidemic – said Katarzina Kubica-Ashe of the Communications Office of the Ministry of Health.

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