“It’s 5:59 AM.”  Showed what was happening in front of Biedronka – o2

Most Biedronka and Lidl stores open at 6.00. When discount stores launch interesting promotions, impatient customers can stand in lines long before opening time. This was mentioned by a TikTok user named Pyśka (pinczer66), who works at Biedronka.

It’s time 5.59. It showed what was happening in front of Biedronka [WIDEO]

“It’s 5.59” – we can see in the shared video, where an impatient customer hits the entrance door of Biedronka. At the same time, an amused store clerk dances inside with a cup in her hand.

“When I go to the gym at 6:00 a.m., I really see people waiting for the gates to open.” – A TikTok user commented on the video. “This is what it looks like. When I clear the leaves before 6 am, they ask me if they can come now, because today they will not be able to buy Bromka 1+1” – revealed another employee of Biedronka.

The rest of the article is below the video

It is best to have a Sunday for shopping. “We open at 9 a.m. and customers think it opens at 6 a.m.,” another employee added. It’s the same with us. I’m standing there laughing, “I have one more minute,” another Biedronka employee said.

“Same thing for me. Coffee at the store and you hear outside the door asking if it’s time to open the door, because they need to buy fresh rolls for breakfast, which is… 5.55″ – Summing up for another person who works at a discount store.

“You can’t watch it just once.” – said another TikTok user. There are more comments like this. “Great idea for the video”, “How true it is” – write Internet users.

On the account of a user who identifies herself as Pyśka You can find more videos referring to the events taking place in Biedronka. “I love this lady’s sense of humor,” one TikTok user wrote under one.

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