Parliament adopted a resolution on food of Russia and Belarus.  Two of the deputies separated

The House of Representatives adopted a resolution imposing sanctions on Russian and Belarusian food imports. 441 representatives voted in favor of the project. Two representatives abstained from voting, both representatives of the Union. The PiS amendments did not obtain a majority.

Draft resolution It was prepared by the Presidency of the House of Representatives. While serving in the Agriculture Committee, the resolution was not changed, although PiS introduced amendments. Ultimately, they were submitted as minority proposals that lost in the vote.

In favor of the decision On imposing sanctions on the import of Russian and Belarusian food 441 representatives voted. Two representatives abstained from voting. They were Confederate politicians – Grzegorz Brown and Włodzimierz Skalek. No one voted against.

Parliament adopted a resolution on food of Russia and Belarus. Members of the European Parliament expressed their opposition

The draft resolution stated: “We call on the European Commission to submit a proposal to impose sanctions on imports of Russian and Belarusian food and agricultural products into the European Union.”

He added that importing food and agricultural products From Russia and Belarus continue to generate huge income for producersAnd the merchants and budgets of these countries.

“It is our moral duty to stop trade that may directly or indirectly contribute to strengthening Russia’s ability and its support for Belarus to continue the war with Ukraine,” the document said.

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Minister of Development and Technology Christoph Heitmann A report has been written The value of food imports from Russia to Poland in 2023 amounted to 380 million USD, and from Belarus – 86 million USDBut Poland exports much more – with Russia the positive balance is 240 million US dollars, and with Belarus – 180 million US dollars. Importing agricultural food products from Russia It constitutes only 1 percent. Polish food imports.

The minister said that most of the food imports from Russia are from Latvia, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany and Italy. In 2023, European Union countries imported 1.5 million tons of grainHe added that most of them are from Italy, Latvia, Greece and Spain.

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