Kuba chce pozwać Facebooka (fot. Pexels)

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez threatened to prosecute Facebook. According to the head of Cuban diplomacy, the platform supported the opposition movement to the communist government in Cuba by interfering with the algorithms and websites of published posts.

“Facebook won’t change if Zuckerberg stays under its control.”

Changing our Facebook branding in Meta won’t change much in the way the company is run, if Mark Zuckerberg stays on top, I value…

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The alleged interference in connection with the planned “civil march for change” was scheduled for 15 November by opponents of the current government.

Reuters noted that opponents applied for permission to march in September, following the large-scale demonstrations that erupted on the island in July this year.

The communist authorities refused the request; He stated that the protesters’ goal was to brutally overthrow the government. Opponents stated that the march would take place despite the rejection of the request.

The demonstrations in Cuba that erupted on 11 July were related to increasing poverty and difficulty in obtaining food, medicine, and vaccinations against COVID-19. Although it is peaceful, it has been calmed by the security forces and police forces. The officers mingled with the crowd, pretending to be civilians. At least one person was killed.

According to estimates by the Cuban Observatory of Conflicts (OCC), more than 187,000 people participated in the anti-government protests on the island in July. Persons. They participated in 584 demonstrations.

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