March 22, 2023


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American Elections.  Carrie Lake, an ally of Donald Trump, is losing the election in Arizona

American Elections. Carrie Lake, an ally of Donald Trump, is losing the election in Arizona

About a week after voting closed, the Associated Press reported Katie Hobbs, He defeated Arizona Secretary of State Carrie Lake to become the state’s first Democratic governor in 14 years.

The Financial Times quoted Hobbes as saying, “Democracy is worth the wait.” – Thank you, Arizona. I am honored and proud to be your next governor.”

Information about Lake’s defeat appeared on the eve of the expected defeat Donald Trump’s statementswho is officially nominated Presidential elections in 2024.

Lake, a former local news anchor in Phoenix, was one of the Trump-backed candidates in that election. This was partly due to her strong belief that The 2020 presidential election has been riggedTrump was the real winner.

Curry Lake She is not the only politician the former president lost in the elections. In five races for Secretary of State, “America First” candidates—W Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, New Mexico, and Indiana – They only won last place. However, Indiana is a conservative stronghold, while Nevada, Arizona and Michigan are among the more electorally important states where fate is usually decided. Presidential elections.

A similar electoral fate befell other candidates who questioned the integrity of previous elections in key electoral states. In Pennsylvania, the gubernatorial election increased by up to 15 percentage points. Lost Doug Mastrianowho participated in the demonstrations in front of the Capitol on January 6, 2021. In Wisconsin, he did not become governor Tim Michaelswho promised that if elected, no Republican would lose “one more election” in the state. In the race for a seat in the Senate, those who undermined the legitimacy of the election lost Blake Masters in Arizona and Don Bolduc in New Hampshire.

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