"Our method is not forbidden."  Looking for a coach for Polish boaters.  Like when you give steroids.

Less than a year ago, at the Olympic Games in Tokyo Polish canoers won two medals. Two villages swam for silver In store Carolina survived and Anna Paulowska. Bronze medalists were won by four, including Helena Venivska and Justina Iskrzyka, along with Naga and Paulowska.

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Ondrasek declares his struggle to return to the league. “I’m not going anywhere”

At the beginning of the new season coach Thomas Creek I decided to make a small earthquake in the frame. For the first World Cup, after Wiśniewska and Iskrzycka, coach Adrianna Kąkol and Dominika Putto placed fourth. – I decided that I could take a risk and show that it is not the boss who should please the employee, but the employee to the boss – coach Crick told us.

Risk Impact – A sure victory for the Four Poles at Racice. In the Czech Republic, we were also the best in the squad that did not change. This weekend, the canoeers will start the World Cup Finals in Poznan. The group’s dream is Poland’s first Olympic gold in history kayaking. In an interview with Sport.pl, coach Kryk tells how he works with this goal in mind Staff.

Thomas Crick, native coach. “Everywhere I carried 20-30 kg of pickled cucumbers and sauerkraut”

Łukasz Jachimiak: Why did you name half of the four who won the bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics? This is the beginning of a revolution that is to give the Olympic championship in Paris in two years?

Thomas Crick: I think two girls who don’t fit all four can draw conclusions. They can rethink their preparations, work from winter. I told them I’ve been with the staff for 13 years and that I’ve always focused on accuracy. I offer all new solutions only after checking them myself and by experts from the Sports Institute. I never act on a goat’s claw. Trainings in the mountains, breathing exercises, entering cold water pools – all this was first tested for profit and loss. I did not show the players anything that would harm their health and being women.

Unfortunately, after the Olympics, not everyone wanted to go in the direction you set. I expect the players to pay attention to the details every day, and to train to be the best in the group. If you don’t fight for the small but essential details every day, you stop making progress.

In any case, these are young people and anyone can make mistakes. Since I have a large group and there is fierce competition in it, I decided that I could take a risk and show that it is not the boss who should be loved by the employee, but the employee who is the boss. I think because we’re in the state’s destiny, because taxpayers spend a lot of money on our scholarships, because we’re using different programs, and subsidies from state-owned companies, if we can do it really well yThen we have to try.

So you’re not writing off Wiśniewska and Iskrzycka, but you want to give them a little nosedive?

No, maybe not that harsh. You are the first person to ask about the reasons for the changes, and I speak frankly when I see everything. No blame for the girls.

What developments have you provided to the training? You already told us in Tokyo that you have ideas for reform and innovation. I know guys are starting to undergo hypnosis. What else did you start doing?

We went very hard towards the Wim Hof ​​method, that is, breathing exercises. And about exposing myself to the cold. In winter, we use Polish lakes, and now we carry a swimming pool with us everywhere, the water cools to five degrees. In Wałcz we have a device that allows us to take a bath in the water. Thanks to a large industrial ice maker, we produce ice, tens of kilograms each, and pour it into the bathtub with water. These are natural ways to stimulate the anabolic hormone production system.

So these steroids are allowed?

Wim Hof ​​has developed a methodology for this training. Underwent research at a university in the Netherlands. At first it was believed that he was obsessed with nature and there was no need to take the consequences into account. Then he announced that according to his method he would prepare a group of people and scientists would be able to study them all. It is emphasized that everything has changed in physiology.

What are these changes? What is the gain?

By exposing the body to intense stimuli, it is stimulated in the same way as steroids, synthetic hormones. While bathing in an ice cube, our thermometer shows the temperature from 0.5 to 1 ° C. In such conditions, the body defends itself and the blood vessels constrict. It is a powerful training for the cardiovascular system, because after being placed in a warm bowl, it expands significantly. Then the anabolic hormones are secreted. There is talk of endorphins, and most of all, a person feels very energized. Before the exercise speed or maximum strength, we warm up with the introduction of ice porridge for one to one and a half minutes. It’s a perfect alarm clock.

So you warm up by entering the icy water – we have a paradox.

Reality. Let us note that our ancestors, even if they were not very far away, were not equipped with cars with heating, did not have very insulated boots and jackets, and were able to travel around Europe during harsh winters. We have great endurance, but thanks to a comfortable life our bodies lose adaptability. Our natural system stops adapting to changing conditions, because we adjust conditions for ourselves.

Let me ask you again – is he heading towards some kind of stimulant, but healthy and legal?

Yes, our method is not prohibited. It’s like administering lotions that stimulate. The body has a choice – fight or flight. When we fight, we cross borders, we increase our potential. We humans have a reserve of strength that we can muster when we encounter a wild animal, for example, and have to save our lives. Or when our child is in danger and we will do our best to save him. Then we will give more than we think we can.

I listen to you and remember how long ago there was a scandal in Australia, because the coach let little crocodiles into the pool so that the frightened children would finish faster.

Oh, we’re not extremists. But in January in the Alps at minus 10 degrees Celsius, we climbed for an hour 2800 meters, dressed very skinny – I only wore shorts, the guys were tight-fitting shorts and 3/4 tops.

Carolina Naga (left), Beata Mikojic and Polish rowing coach Thomas KrikPolish women coach can earn more with competitions. But he wants gold for Poland and appeals to the authorities

You are looking for new solutions in your group, and what is happening between you and the Polish sports authorities? I’m asking because I remember you told us in Tokyo: “I already have some applications, which I will put on paper, maybe the Polish sports authorities will look into it. Or maybe they will decide that everything is fine, nothing should change.”

Nothing has changed. There were encounters right after the Olympics, but in an instant a year would have passed since the Olympics, and that was how it was. It’s tough, we’re not complaining, we’re doing our job.

But for example, the telemetry with which the Germans analyze boat speeds, would you still like to have it?

Perhaps I should assure you that I will handle the matter myself. A few days ago, at the World Cup in Racice, we saw the size of the New Zealand team or the German national team. We had a crew of three – I was there, a breathing instructor and a physiotherapist. And with our most dangerous competitors, there are 20 people per team.

So there is a big difference. In Tokyo, you didn’t want to show it, you turned us down, you said that it doesn’t matter, that you don’t focus on it.

Because in general I do not complain. After the 2016 Rio Olympics, I said a few words, but nothing changed. So I stick to the principle that if I want medals, I have to rely on myself.

You have medals from all games – I brought a total of five medals from London, Rio and Tokyo. But you say directly that you want the first Olympic gold for Polish boats. Do you feel that you are going in this direction despite some adversity and even though some girls don’t want to do everything as you expect?

I’m not saying they don’t want to. They did not participate 100% in all activities. I totally accepted it, but they finished fifth and sixth in their first national qualifiers. I think who and who, but the Olympic medalist, should be higher and be an absolute example to others to encourage others to do their best.

Like this example four-time medalist Carolina survived?

This is style number one. Carolina trained for a month in the army in early November and December, and only joined preparations as of mid-January, yet she is now number one. In her first World Cup, she won two gold medals. During training, he undergoes hypnosis. Late because it’s late, but she also convinced herself to go into the cold. He even submerges his entire head.

Marta Walczykiewicz in Hypnosis.  Carolina Naga sits on it“An imposter. I have proof.” This is how Poland gets historical gold

You said that you can live well with scholarships, various programs and money from state-owned enterprises. Does that mean that all employee kayaks actually have personal sponsors? I confirmed in Tokyo that only Naga, Marta and Alchikevich had such support.

Lotto continues to cooperate with the Federation, and PGE will sign a contract with the Federation on Friday at the World Cup in Poznan. very well. On the other hand, three Olympic medalists – Ania Puławska, Justyna Iskrzycka and Helena Wiśniewska – resident They do not have any support from any state owned company.

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