Oleksandr Usyk defeated Daniel Dubois by knockout in the ninth round

Usyk or Dubois, Dubois or Usyk – this question was asked by boxing fans. We got the answer late in the evening.

Usyk vs. Dubois direct report

    • 01:02

      What a night! What a battle! We will remember it for a long time – say representatives of Tarczyński Arena Wrocław on Facebook

    • 00:25

      There was no surprise!

      Oleksandr Usyk definitely beat Daniel Dubois. The Brit won no rounds, instead resorting to mistakes. In the eighth round he was saved by the bell. And in the ninth it was counted. Oleksandr Usyk defended three heavyweight belts: IBF, WBO, WBA. Still undefeated!

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      The fight is over! Usyk won by knockout in the ninth round!

    • 00:13

      knock down! Dubois was counted out and saved by the buzzer in the eighth round.

    • 00:10

      Usyk dominated in the seventh round. The Ukrainian started by striking a series of 3-4 punches. Dubois in deep defense. The British staggered several times.

    • 00:06

      In the sixth round again for Usyk, he got a strong straight left hand and connected lightly with Dubois. The Briton is helpless, he tries punches to the bottom. He’s looking for the knockout

    • 00:01

      Usyk’s fifth round. He dominated the whole match, hitting the Briton hard. Dubois received a warning from the referee after suffering a blow below the belt. There is no minus point.

    • 23:58

      He knocked Dubois below the belt in the fifth round. The referee paused and waited for Oleksandr Usyk to get up.

    • 23:57

      The fourth round is more balanced. The Briton tried several punches down. However, Usyk’s activity and punch count could not escape the judges.

    • 23:50

      Another round for the Ukrainians. Usyk lands more strikes. Added a sickle to the strait. He hit the Briton hard with a series of punches several times.

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