Orlin will pay a lower dividend.  Daniel Obajtic: Smile

The Board of Directors of Orlen will propose to the Orlenary General Assembly of Shareholders the amount of 21 billion 215 million 917 thousand PLN from the net profit for 2023 147.93 PLN to allocate 4 billion 817 million 909 thousand PLN 503.35 thousand PLN for the payment of dividends. This means that the dividend will then reach PLN 4.15 per share.

According to Orlin, the remaining amount of net profit for 2023 amounts to 16,398 million and 7 thousand Polish zlotys. An amount of PLN 644.58 will be allocated, in accordance with the recommendation of the Board of Directors, for additional capital of the company.

In addition, it has been proposed to set September 20, 2024 as the dividend date and December 20, 2024 as the dividend payment date.

“The proposal of the company’s board of directors will be submitted to the Orlin Orlin general meeting, which will make the final decision on this matter,” the company said.

Obajtec responds

“Orlen’s Board of Directors recommends paying a dividend of PLN 4.818 billion for 2023, i.e. PLN 4.15 per share. This is approximately PLN 1.6 billion less than the dividend for 2022 (PLN 5.5 per share), paid last year,” Bravo Smile said. “Daniel Obajtic wrote on X.

“The payment to shareholders of a total amount of PLN 6.39 billion is the highest nominal dividend in the history of Orlin. Moreover, These are the highest nominal profits in the history of Polish companies listed on the WSE” wrote Banker.pl. The previous record was held by KGHM – 5.67 billion PLN in 2011, and PZU with 4.66 billion PLN in 2013 took second place in this ranking.

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