We all know that there are thousands of Cryptocurrencies starting from Bitcoin and ending to Dogecoin. Also, it becomes very confusing for a person who is new to this field because they lose at which one to buy and which one to leave. So, to decrease your stress, our professionals have made up a list of a few top currencies this year. By investing in them, you can earn a huge profit in the long run and earn profit regularly by trading on them.

    1. Bitcoin

It was created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Sources also suggest that by 2022, Bitcoin will be the most popular Cryptocurrency having a market capitalization of more than $845 billion. Today, Bitcoin runs under the process of blockchain and is volatile. In the past few years, the price of Bitcoin has increased in a huge amount, making it profitable for all investors. If you want to know more, do not forget to learn about Bitcoin Profit for the ultimate experience.

It is claimed that it is very difficult to hack the Cryptocurrency wallet. The main reason behind the rise in the price of Bitcoin is that Bitcoin is limited to 21 million coins. It is also claimed that people might get a huge profit from it as many companies are looking forward to accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. Investors have experienced a hike of almost 7800% in 4 years.

    2. Ethereum

Ethereum is the favourite digital currency of almost all investors because of its potential application, popularly known as smart contracts that executes automatically when conditions are met and NFTs are present. This is the second-best Cryptocurrency, and it has a market capitalization of more than $360 billion.

People who don’t have a big budget to buy Ethereum usually purchase Ethereum. It is also said that the price of Ethereum is going to rise a lot in the next five years, and it can also happen that the price of Ethereum comes close to Bitcoin. Another version of Ethereum is coming, which is popularly known as ETH2. So, experts claim that the price of Ethereum is going to increase after the establishment of ETH2.

    3. Tether

Investors prefer this coin because of its stability and are backed by many flat currencies such as Euro, the US dollar, and many more. In simple words, it is claimed that the price of Tether is going to be more stable compared to other currencies. People looking for currencies with no scope of losses should buy this coin. It has a market capitalization of more than $79 billion.

A few more top coins of this year are as follows-

Binance coin

  • Market capital- $68 billion


  • Market capital- $37 billion


  • Market capital- $33 billion


  • Market capital- $33 billion


  • Market capital- $53 billion

The Bottom Line

We have shared all the required information related to this topic. Before buying any coin, make sure you have gathered certain knowledge about it. The best way to earn money by Cryptocurrency is by purchasing it and waiting for its price to increase in the long run. It becomes very risky to earn profit in the short run.

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