Orlen violated strategic reserves?  There is a report to the Internal Security Agency

Bryeza posted a recording on X (formerly Twitter) claiming that strategic reserves of essential oil from storage facilities in Gora near Enorcsaw had been hacked during the PiS election campaign. He pointed out that oil was pumped from caves (salt warehouses used to store crude oil and liquid fuel) Nos. 14, 15, 21, 22, and almost all of the oil was pumped from Cave 21.

Brezza pointed out:He added: “Such emergency pumping of oil should only take place in times of crisis or war.”. In October 2023, he reported these allegations to the Internal Security Agency.

— Do you remember the campaign against fuel shortages at Orléans stations during the election campaign? The PiS team manipulated fuel prices to the point that at one point there was an oil shortage. I have information that during the election campaign they violated the state's strategic reserve just in order to win the elections. In September, Brijza said, they began pumping base oil from the underground storage facilities of IKS Solino, an Orlen subsidiary.

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