OPPO Find N is an OPPO wallet hack.  This smartphone will stay with us for much longer

OPPO Find N is the most likely name for a foldable smartphone from a Chinese manufacturer. We know its partial specs and potential – will it be able to take on the Galaxy Z Fold 3?

Foldable smartphones are not yet leading the way and are in the first stage of the crawl, from which Samsung will come out faster – future generations of models Galaxy Z Fold i Z Flip It is gaining more and more popularity. This is a good sign for a bevy of Chinese producers ready to enter the industry.

OPPO is the most powerful mobile phone maker in China on a par with Vivo – the two companies have shared the lead since Huawei’s sales plummeted. The leader’s seat obliges us to constantly expand the wallet and not just any smartphones. So OPPO intends to quickly launch a foldable phone.

OPPO Find N with Flexible Display is Coming

This model has been talked about for several months, but so far without details – only now we found out The phone will be called OPPO Find N 5G. It can be seen that the Duel of Messages is at its best: Samsung uses it WithHuawei benefits from X And he’s about to FifthSo OPPO also wanted to have a niche of its own.

OPPO Find X 2021 / fot. Oppo

Find N is a classic foldable smartphone similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 3, that is, a device with a large screen folded in half. You will receive an LTPO screen with a diagonal of about 8 inches and Android in the latest version 12 – in addition, the specifications will include charging at 65W (the battery capacity will be 4500 mAh).

The amazing Xiaomi will have a successor. This smartphone will warm the hearts of crazy people


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