New PS Plus with games from Poland.  Studio confirms 'physical contract' with Sony

The Japanese giant is preparing to present the most comprehensive presentation of the new subscription version, which was confirmed by the latest report of the Bloober team. The Krakow team has created an important licensing and distribution agreement.

More and more has been said about the upgraded and three-tiered PS Plus since the official announcement of the PlayStation manufacturer. Market specialists are analyzing the prospects for gaining more subscribers by the Japanese and comparing the service with the Xbox Game Pass, however, we have not yet learned all the most important details of the offer. In a recent interview, Jim Ryan announced that Sony is working with more than 200 partners (a smaller and larger publisher), and the subscription library will contain the most important items. Polish products can undoubtedly be included among them.

Team Bloober has announced that it has established a collaboration regarding the provision of single-player games from studio Krakow in the new form of Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC. – Based on recent reports, there is no doubt that the “New Distribution System” is the PS Plus subscription.

“The Board of Directors of Bloober Team SA with its registered office in Krakow (hereinafter referred to as the “issuer”) informs that the issuer has today entered into a significant licensing and distribution agreement with Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC to distribute the issuer addresses identified in the new distribution system.”

According to the announcement, the following information about the collaboration – including individual title release dates – will be available due to subsequent reports. Thus, we can safely assume that the Japanese are constantly building a library with the latest offers, and games such as The Medium, Observer: System Redux or Blair Witch will certainly be happy to check users of the service.

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