Opole 2021: Gornyak performed a piece for Siszkowski.  “As long as we are alive, so is Poland”

“As long as we are alive, so is Poland” – With these words Edita Journiak She finished her performance at the opening ceremony of the 58th National Polish Song Festival in Opole. The artist performed the author’s legendary song “Don’t Ask Poland” at the Opole Theater Grzegorz Ciechowski: composer, iconic scriptwriter, singer and musician, died on December 22, 2001 in Warsaw of a heart attack, which was a postoperative complication.

“What Edita Gorniak did to the song Grzegorz Ciechowski – a fiasco. This lady doesn’t know what she’s singing about! drama. Yes, I loved this song and the World Cup anthem came out. Unfortunately, I must confirm the remarks of the previous speakers – weak Opole, weak … ”- commented one of the Internet users on the official TVP website on Facebook, in a post informing about the opening today of the 58th National Festival of Polish Song in Opole.

Earlier in Sopot, Mikayo Szpak performed this piece on stage, appearing during the performance at Top of the Top Sopot Festival 2021 in mournful style.

It is impossible to talk about the history of the latest Polish culture without mentioning the merits of Ciechowski. The artist was announced as a legendary creator of Polish music, and the song performed by Gornjak was one of the most important Polish works. The song “Nie inquire about Poland” has been recorded with Obywatel GC since 1988. The song was included on the second album, “Tak, tak!”.

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Recall: A year ago, Ciechowski’s ex-wife refused to participate in the episode “Chances of success” Dedicated to her deceased husband. As I emphasized in the comment provided to Onet at the time, Ciechowski himself will certainly not be silent today about what is happening in Poland.

“I do not approve of spreading hatred, bigotry, lies and arrogance, unfortunately now it is a weekday on TVP” – said Anna Skrubieszowska in an interview with Amelia Sarnovska from Onet Kultura.

58th National Polish Song Festival in Opole

Today begins the 58th National Polish Song Festival in Opole, where a group of Polish music stars will participate. This year, there will be performances by, among others, Marila Rudowicz, Natalia Kokolska, Seluja Grzyszczak, Cleo, Anna Deriszowska, Justina Sticzkoska, Isabella Trojanovska. On the first day we will enjoy the concert “From Opole to Opole: The Biggest Stars! The Best Legendary Songs!” This year we will meet the adventurers who will compete in the First Appearance competition.

Justyna Steczkowska was one of the artists who performed today during the first day of the 58th National Polish Song Festival in Opole. The singer performed the song “Grande Valse Brillante” from the repertoire of Ewa Demarczyk, the “black angel” of the Polish music scene. It was in honor of the artist who passed away on August 14, 2020.

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