Inflation in Poland is going fast.  Pekao Chairman: "Positive news"

inflation It rages on the Vistula. In August he was on the level 5.4% – the highest in 20 years. Its rise surprised even economists who had expected a 5.2 per cent rise in the final month of the summer holidays.

Expensive in Poland. Pekao chief talking about the other side

The head of the bank also notes the increase in prices pico. Leszek Skiba, in an interview with, noted that the whole situation has two sides of the coin.

There are two sides to what happens with prices. First of all – a recovery in the labor market, in the market for raw materials, is usually a sign of a return to good economic conditions and economic optimism. On the other hand there is the downside i.e. the issue of competitiveness and efficiency whether these prices are permanent or temporary – the president explained bank In conversation with the gate.

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Increasing inflation always occurs wherever there is dynamic economic growth. And because we have dynamic economic growth, it is accompanied by inflation – the Deputy Minister explained on the radio.


Who is Leszek Skippa?

In addition to the above, Leszyk Skiba also served as Chairman of the Board of the Bank Guarantee Fund. also worked in National Bank of Poland. He was also an expert at the Sobieski Institute. Skiba is a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics.

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