Opel Frontera is back.  It has a new logo, digital cockpit and electric motor

Opel Frontera, as previously announced by the German company, has returned to the market after an absence of 20 years. However, it is no longer an off-roader, but rather an electric SUV.

Stylistically, the Frontera is similar to other Opel models. There is a new logo on the distinctive front strip of the Opel Vizor. The manufacturer boasts that this is the first mass-produced model with the new logo. The Frontera is equipped with Eco LED headlights with automatic high beam. At the back, the model attracts attention with two-piece lights. On the side we can see the large wheel arches that emphasize the solidity of the car.

Inside you'll find the Pure Panel digital cockpit with two 10-inch displays. In addition, Frontera is equipped with a telephone terminal for those who prefer to control multimedia from their own device. After connecting to the station via the appropriate application, the smartphone becomes the control panel for the multimedia system.

The car is equipped with an inductive charger with cooling capabilities and two USB ports at the front and back. There is no shortage of different types of storage spaces.

Opel thought not only about comfortable operation, but also about comfort during travel. The seats are equipped with the Intelli-Seat function, an opening that reduces pressure on the tailbone. The seat upholstery can be made from eco-friendly recycled materials.

Opel is also interested in the new Frontera's trunk capacity. With the sofa folded, the car can hold 460 liters of luggage. After folding the second row of seats, the capacity increases to 1.6 thousand. Liter. As standard, the trunk is equipped with a double floor. Optionally, the Frontera will also be available with roof rails that can handle a load of more than 200 kg.

Opel has announced that the new Frontera will be offered in a fully electric version, which is not surprising given the brand's efforts to electrify its range. However, there will be plenty of combustion options. The units will be supported by a 48 volt electrical system.

Technical data of the drive systems is not yet known.

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