NBP: a record contribution to the state's general budget.  Mateusz Morawiecki will be very happy

Prime Minister Matthews Moraveki Finance Minister Magdalena Rzekowska has good reasons for complacency. National Bank polishing Announced a record batch he made income Countries. According to the laws NBP Because it transmits 95 percent. Your win for this year.

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NBP with record budget contribution

For 2021, this amount amounted to more than 10.42 billion PLN – we read in the official statement bank Center. Write-off from the NBP Reserve Fund – the remaining 5% annual profit – amounts to 0.54 billion PLN. This means that for the past year, NBP profits amounted to more than 10.9 billion PLN.

This year’s payments are much higher than last year. In 2021, NBP transferred just over 8.8 billion PLN to the budget. A year ago, it was 7.8 billion PLN.

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NBP results much better than expected in the budget

The funds provided by the Polish National Bank are much higher than planned in the budget. According to the assumptions, the expected payment was only 844.5 million PLN. It was similar last year, when the National Bank of Poland gave about 1.3 billion PLN.

The head of the central bank submits the annual financial statements of the NBP to the Cabinet by April 30 of the year following the fiscal year. Then the document is approved. Up to 14 days after approval of the Authority’s annual financial statements 95% of the annual profit is transferred to the state budget.

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