One Piece, the renowned masterpiece of Eiichiro Oda, has traversed across the hearts of millions worldwide. As we anticipate the release of the 1087th chapter in this epic saga, let’s reflect on the journey so far. The world of anime and manga would undoubtedly be incomplete without mentioning this monumental series that has woven an intricate web of narratives around Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates.

Quick Start:

  • No Of Chapter : 1086
  • Release Date : June 18, 2023
  • Language : Japanese
  • Genre : Adventure Fantasy
  • Where to Watch : VIZ Media and Manga Plus
  • Rating : 8.7/10 in IMDb

Popularity of the Show

Since its inception, One Piece has established itself as a behemoth within the anime industry. The series has set a high benchmark with its unique blend of adventure, comedy, drama, and action, leaving an indelible impression on fans. The series has not only dominated the manga sales charts for years but has also garnered a dedicated international fanbase. Its compelling narrative, backed by complex character development and high-paced action, is what keeps its fandom wanting for more.

One Piece Chapter 1087 Release Date


One Piece: Chapter 1086 – Official Release Discussion
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As of now, fans eagerly await the release of One Piece Chapter 1087. The chapter is set to be released on June 18, 2023. It’s essential to mark the calendars as One Piece fans globally eagerly count down the days, hours, minutes, and even seconds to the release of the next thrilling chapter.

One Piece Chapter 1087 Cast

The main cast of One Piece is undoubtedly what sets it apart, each character unique and lovable in their way. From our fearless protagonist Monkey D. Luffy, the sharpshooter Usopp, the master swordsman Zoro, the ingenious Nami, to the eccentric Brook, and many others, the Straw Hat Pirates’ crew has grown over the years. They all play a vital role in shaping the narrative, keeping us invested in their individual arcs, and ultimately the grand story of One Piece.

One Piece Chapter 1087 Spoiler

As we delve into the upcoming chapter, the suspense is palpable. From the existing cliffhangers and the ongoing battles, Chapter 1087 is likely to be packed with twists, turns, and epic moments. The revelations made by Sabo regarding Marie Jois and Lulusia Island are expected to be the focal point of this chapter. The chapter’s stakes have been set high as fans eagerly anticipate what will transpire next.

What Happened in the Previous Chapter?

In the previous chapter, Chapter 1086, our beloved Straw Hat Pirates were in the heat of battle with the formidable Beasts Pirates, led by the ferocious Yonko, Kaido. The epic face-off had its roots spread across multiple locations within the Wano Country, providing the backdrop for a stunning array of battles.

The highlight of Chapter 1086 was the intense clash between the mighty Big Mom and Kaido, as they locked horns over their conflicting interests. The chapter detailed their spectacular powers, which wreaked havoc across the battlefield, offering some jaw-dropping visuals. While the monstrous duo were battling it out, the Straw Hat Pirates utilized the distraction to their advantage.

Meanwhile, the quick-witted navigator, Nami, displayed her evolving Weatheria techniques, creating an environment advantageous for their fight against the Beasts Pirates. In another location, Tony Tony Chopper, backed by his new Rumble Ball transformation, held his ground against some formidable opponents. Brook, with his soul-infused swordplay, fought his way through the enemy lines, backing up the Straw Hats’ allies on the field.

However, the real twist in the tale came when a new character was introduced, a mysterious figure who bore a striking resemblance to an old friend from the past. Fans were left speculating about his real identity and how it might be related to the long-standing narrative.

The chapter concluded with a bang, as we saw the return of the genius scientist, Dr. Vegapunk. This unexpected turn was accompanied by significant revelations about the ancient weapons and their connection to the ‘One Piece’. Dr. Vegapunk’s insight hinted at a looming conflict, which could potentially engulf the entire world of One Piece.

Overall, Chapter 1086 left a lasting impression on the fans, with its dynamic battles, strategic maneuvers, unexpected twists, and tantalizing cliffhangers, setting the stage for what promises to be an equally thrilling Chapter 1087.

Ratings of the Show

The One Piece anime and manga have consistently maintained high ratings throughout their run. With an impressive score of 8.7/10 on IMDB and an equally commendable 8.57/10 on MyAnimeList, One Piece continues to remain a titan within the anime community, both in terms of quality and popularity.

Review of the Show

One Piece is a thrilling blend of adventure, comedy, drama, and action. With its gripping storylines, distinctive characters, and visually stunning art, it has consistently proven itself as one of the top-notch series in the realm of anime and manga. The unpredictable twists, coupled with the grand world-building, have kept the audience hooked since its inception.

Where to Read & Watch?

One Piece can be officially watched on platforms like Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix, offering both subbed and dubbed versions. For manga readers, the latest chapters can be officially read on VIZ Media and Manga Plus, which provide translations in various languages.


As we sail towards the 1087th chapter, the legacy of One Piece continues to inspire and mesmerize fans across the globe. Its unwavering popularity testifies to its charm and the indelible impact it has made on the anime and manga community. Each chapter further enhances the intricate narrative, reiterating why One Piece is a truly epic saga that continues to keep its audience engaged and wanting more.

No matter where we are in the story, One Piece consistently takes us on a roller coaster ride of emotions, with the promise of many more adventures on the horizon. Here’s to setting sail for the next chapter in the extraordinary journey of the Straw Hat Pirates!

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