As the world of Manga continues to grow, one series in particular has been gaining a significant amount of attention – I Obtained A Mythic Item. This tale of adventure, fantasy and resilience has stolen the hearts of Manga enthusiasts worldwide. With the upcoming release of Chapter 58, fans eagerly await the next step in this compelling journey.

Quick Start:

  • No Of Chapter : 57
  • Release Date : June 14, 2023
  • Language : English
  • Genre : Fantasy stories
  • Where to Watch : Comico & Tapas

Popularity of the Show

In the bustling universe of Manga, few series manage to truly stand out. However, I Obtained A Mythic Item isn’t just any Manga series. With a rich narrative and multi-dimensional characters, it has not only gained a broad fan base, but it has also marked its space within the community of professional anime lovers.

I Obtained A Mythic Item Chapter 58 Release Date

The highly anticipated Chapter 58 of I Obtained A Mythic Item is slated to release on June 14, 2023 at 10:00 am EST. As fans across the globe eagerly wait for this release, it’s pertinent to remember the different time zones for different countries to catch the release at the earliest.

I Obtained A Mythic Item Chapter 58 Cast

The pivotal characters of I Obtained A Mythic Item have come to be integral parts of the Manga’s success. With characters like JaeHyun, Ina, Gu Ja-In and YooJung, the series offers a broad spectrum of personalities that keep readers engaged and invested.

I Obtained A Mythic Item Chapter 58 Spoiler

Chapter 58 will continue to explore the plot’s thrilling twists and turns. The storyline will delve deeper into the tension between JaeHyun and Gu Ja-In, the manipulative chairman of Millaes Academy. The chapter will explore JaeHyun’s decision to protect Ina with Mind Control and the aftermath of this choice. It’s bound to keep readers hooked to every word.

What Happened in the Previous Chapter

Our protagonist, JaeHyun, an awakening Magician, has been on the front lines, battling the forces of evil and darkness. He played a significant role in healing Ina, his companion, utilizing a potent healing spell rated A-rank or higher. This chapter underscores JaeHyun’s powers and kindness, demonstrating his strength as a healer and friend.

However, he’s not only battling external forces. Chapter 57 sees JaeHyun revealing some dark truths to Ina and YooJung about the chairman of the Millaes Academy, Gu Ja-In. JaeHyun explains that Ja-In views cadets not as students or individuals, but merely as tools to gain more wealth. A gripping plot point, this revelation throws a shadow on Ja-In and promises to unfold more drama in the future.

Furthermore, JaeHyun exposes a rigged event devised by Ja-In to assign him an impossible mission. He warns his friends that they might become entangled in Ja-In’s schemes. JaeHyun uncovers the chairman’s past activities, his sentiments toward cadets, and the actions taken during the Freshmen Hunt. This information, though confusing to Ina, starts to reveal the depth of deception within the academy.

A significant plot twist occurs when JaeHyun determines to protect Ina from Ja-In’s plans using his Mind Control. This is a risky power he had copied from Ja-In, a spell that can control the thoughts of others and potentially enslave someone. JaeHyun’s decision marks a pivotal point in the story, revealing how far he’s willing to go to protect his friend.

While their world is reeling from these revelations, the physical setting around them is also in chaos. Upon leaving the dungeon, they find the hall already in disarray, with just two spheres of light, created by the Flash, to guide their path.

The chapter concludes with a dramatic interaction as YooJung, upset about the loss of her companions, rushes towards JaeHyun and Ina, embracing them amidst tears. SungWoo and Jina, who had left their companions behind, face YooJung’s wrath, adding further intensity to the chapter’s finale. However, JaeHyun steps in to calm her, grabbing her shoulders and urging her to raise her head.

In the background, Gu Ja-In is reprimanding Kim Seok-Gi for not keeping Min JaeHyun under control with the Dungeon Practicum. He advises Kim to manage JaeHyun better in the next event, adding another layer to the anticipation of what’s to come.

Chapter 57 of I Obtained A Mythic Item weaves an intricate story of friendship, trust, and power, setting up numerous exciting plotlines and questions for Chapter 58. The conflict between JaeHyun and Ja-In, the implications of JaeHyun’s decision to use Mind Control, and the reaction of the academy to these events are just some of the threads waiting to be untangled in the upcoming chapter.

Ratings of the Show

I Obtained A Mythic Item has garnered high ratings and positive reviews, both for its engaging plot and well-developed characters. The series has received positive ratings from critics and fans alike, marking its significance in the world of Manga.

Review of the Show

I Obtained A Mythic Item offers a thrilling journey into a fantastical world, blending action and emotion seamlessly. The complex characters and well-crafted storyline make for an engaging read that pulls readers into its magical universe. It’s a must-read for any Manga or fantasy fiction reader.

Where to Read

If you’re looking to dive into Chapter 58 of I Obtained A Mythic Item, you can read it for free on platforms like Comico and Tapas, both renowned for their quality content.


I Obtained A Mythic Item is not just another Manga series. With its compelling characters, enthralling plot, and cliffhanger endings, it’s a work that genuinely stands out. As we approach the release of Chapter 58, the excitement builds. So gear up, fans, for the next thrilling installment in the world of I Obtained A Mythic Item.


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