June 8, 2023


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One of the "Squid Game" stars is suing for sexual assault

One of the “Squid Game” stars is suing for sexual assault

South Korean actor Oh Yong-su is one of the stars of the series Squid gameProsecutors told AFP on Friday that he had been charged with sexual assault in 2017.

The 78-year-old actor became the first South Korean to win a Golden Globe in January for his portrayal of a vulnerable-looking old man in the Netflix hit dystopian thriller.

According to press reports, the South Korean prosecutor’s office on Thursday formally charged him with inappropriately touching a woman’s body in 2017. The actor was acquitted.

The information was “not really false,” an official from the Suwon District Prosecutor’s Office in the southern suburbs of Seoul told AFP without elaborating.

According to South Korean media, the country’s Ministry of Culture has decided to stop an advertising campaign featuring Oh Yong-su.

A dark and violent condemnation of the excesses of capitalism where helpless people kill each other during cruel children’s games with the hope of winning millions. Squid game It has been watched by millions of people since its launch in 2021 and remains one of Netflix’s most popular series.

Photo courtesy of Netflix

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