Łukaszenko nie chce, by jego wojsko ponosiło straty (fot. Belarus Presidency Press Office / Handout/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Alexander Lukashenko decided to take part in the armed aggression against Ukraine, believes the founder of the Association of Officers of the Belarusian Energy Departments, Alexander Azarov. The union brings together employees who oppose the dictator. According to Ukrainian journalist Yuri Butusov, Belarus may even strike in December.

“They really took over.” A group of generals of the Russian army arrived in Minsk

A group of generals of the Russian army led by General Sergei Rudsky, head of the Main Operations Directorate, arrived in Minsk, the capital of Belarus …

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In an interview with Ukrainian NW Radio, Azarov emphasized that the invasion of Ukraine from the beginning, starting from February 24, is “a joint project of Putin and Lukashenko”, but until then the role of the regime in Minsk was limited to providing territory and providing support to the aggressor without involving the Belarusian forces in direct hostilities.

Now, in his opinion, the dictator has already made the decision to join hostilities. In his opinion, the Belarusian forces have been preparing for the invasion of Ukraine for months: mainly special units, aviation, air defense, engineering forces, and electronic warfare formations.

However, Azarov stipulated that Belarusian aggression would only become a reality when certain conditions were met, “when Lukashenko is sure of some kind of victory for the Russian forces.” – Preparations are underway, but there is no exact date, and it is not clear whether the attack may take place in the near future, – said the Belarusian officer.

– Of course, he does not want the Belarusian army to suffer losses, and the Belarusian army will do worse than the Russians. “She never fought, if she hits, the losses will be huge,” Azarov said.

Also read: “They really took over.” A group of generals of the Russian army arrived in Minsk

Ukrainian journalist Yuri Butusov is convinced that Minsk has not just made a decision, but is actually ready for aggression. According to him, an attack from the northern neighbor will soon take place. When asked by NW Radio’s editor-in-chief what he thinks “soon” means, say, in February or March, he replies that it could even happen in December.

Meanwhile, according to the Ukrainians DrA group of generals of the Russian army came to Minsk, the capital of Belarus Led by General Sergey Rudsky, Head of the Main Operations Directorate of the Russian General Staff. This information was provided by the Belarusian Hagun monitoring group. The purpose of their visit is to inspect the Belarusian-Russian military group that is training at the Belarusian army training grounds.

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