“Mickey 17” will not be released in March.  The film has no release date

From the Warner Bros studio release calendar, Discovery Disappeared, Bong Joon Ho's latest film titled “Mickey 17According to sources reported by Variety, this decision is due to… Work on the film has been delayed as a result of the recent strike by Hollywood actors and screenwriters. The new date has not been announced.

There is no set release date for the director's “Mickey 17” film. John is a bunga It can be annoying. Variety's source confirms that the postponement does not mean that fans of this South Korean director will not see his latest work. The makers just need more time to complete it, but they are unable to give a specific date, which is why it is impossible to say when it will hit theaters.

Bong Joon-ho's screenplay was based on the novel “Mickey7” by Edward Ashton, which was published in February 2022. Its hero is the titular Mickey7, a so-called expendable – a disposable employee on an expedition to colonize the icy world known as Niflheim. When the mission becomes too dangerous, the crew turns to Mickey to handle it. When Mickey's next incarnation dies, his new body is replenished with most of his predecessor's memories. After six deaths, Mickey 7 finally begins to understand his fate.

Filming of the film began in August 2022. He plays the title role Robert PattersonAnd they are partners with him Steven Yeun, Toni Collette, Mark Ruffalo and Naomi Ackie. The plot of the film will differ from the original book, which was merely an inspiration for the screenwriters.

In the film's teaser, you can see Robert Pattinson for the first time as the titular special missions robot. To the beat of Bong Joon Ho's typical classical music, we observe the “birth” of Mickey No. 17, who is in a private room, opening his eyes declaring his activation and revealing the film's release date.

“Mickey 17” is Jun Ho Bong’s second production for WarnerMedia. The South Korean director will also be the executive producer of a series based on “Parasite” for HBO.

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