The Dutch raised the Poles mercilessly.  crime in defense [WIDEO] Polish representation

The Polish national team can maintain itself in the first division The League of Nations Before the last match against Wales. Staff Led by Chislau Michenewicz he could draw with Holland on the National Stadium, if the Belgians do their job and defeat the Welsh players. Dutch journalist Fabian van der Poel said so Poles’ opponents may not play 100% in this match. The outcome will not be the most important issue here. This is one of the last test opportunities for manager Louis van Gaal to see eleven options world Cup He said.

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The Poles were mercilessly slapped by the Dutch. First-row seats with competitors working

The match between Poland and the Netherlands began with a clash between Teon Kompeners and Carol Linetti, forcing the Atalanta Bergamo midfielder to leave the field. From that moment on, he had the opportunity, among other things, Piotr Zieliński, but his long shot turned out to be too light to defeat Remko Pasveer. With each successive second the advantage of the Dutch only grew, which led to the opponent scoring in the 14th minute.

Louis van Gaal’s side made a quick exchange of the ball in the side section before Denzel Dumfries passed to Cody Jaco. the ward Eindhoven Eindhoven Beat without any problems Wojciech Szczesny, Kamel Celik did not remove his leg to try to clear the ball. Text coverage of the match continues in and in the LIVE mobile application.

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