Olaf Lobaszenko is 55 years old.  He was depressed and overweight

Lobaszenko made his screen debut at the age of only 13 in the series “Życie Kamila Kuranta” (1982). Years later, he admitted in his autobiography that he nearly drowned while filming a scene. However, the dramatic adventure did not stop him from acting. Two years later, he appeared in the second episode of the series “Three Mills”, based on the stories of Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz.

The young actor gained popularity in the late eighties. For his role in the film “Bez sin” (1987) directed by Viktor Skrzynecki, he won the acting award at the Młodzi i Film Festival in Kostalyn. In his role in the film “Łuku Eros” of the same year, he played the young lover of a cabaret artist played by Grażyna Trela.

A year later, he played one of the most important roles of his career. In “A Short Film About Love”, an extension of the sixth part of “The Ten Commandments” by director Krzysztof Kieslowski, he played teenager Tomek, a shy boy who falls in love with his older neighbor (Grażyna Szapołowska), through whom he spies. A telescope from his room. The role received positive reviews. His character’s psychological believability and the “awkward youth” he brought to the role were praised. In the same year, Lubaszenko also starred in the film “Football Poker” directed by Janusz Zaorski.

Another important role in the artist’s career was the title of the film “Crull” (1991). In Władysław Pasikowski’s acclaimed debut, Lubaszenko played a young soldier who runs away when he learns of his wife’s affair with his best friend. The film turned out to be very popular among Polish audiences. At the same time, it sparked a lot of controversy, especially in the military community. However, this did not prevent him from receiving a number of awards during the Gdynia Festival. A year later, Lubaszenko starred in Pasikowski’s next film “Dogs”. This time his role turned out to be just an episode. His hero, the policeman “Molodi”, while carrying out an operation, forgets to take a magazine for his gun, which ends tragically for him.

In the following years, Lobaszenko played regularly, appearing, among others, in “Pamiętnik ze w Garbie” (1992) by director Jan Kidawa-Blonski, “Kraju Świat” (1993) by Marija Smarz-Kotzanović and the continuation of the series “Ekstradycja”. . (1996). He also appeared in an episode of Steven Spielberg’s Academy Award-winning film “Schindler’s List” (1993).

However, his best role in the 1990s was in Killing Sekal (1998), an international production by Vladimir Michalek. Lobaszenko played Gora Baran, a former partisan wanted by the Gestapo who receives an offer he cannot refuse. Either he will kill the titular Cekal (Boguslav Linda), who is persecuting a nearby village with the help of Nazi forces, or the peasants will turn him over to the Germans. For his role, Lobaszenko received an award at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival and the Czech Lion and Eagle Award for Best Male Role.

The film’s premiere at the Karlovy Vary Festival is linked to an anecdote told by Olaf Lobaszenko about Salma Hayek, who was a guest at the same event in the same year. “Jiri Bartoska, the head of the festival, approached us, accompanied by a short lady: ‘Well, boys, well, here I am introducing our friend,’” Lobaszenko recalls in his autobiography.

“My friend received us very kindly, but I did not feel it with her because we were engaged in an important conversation. “Hello, how are you?” – I said, and Boguslav and I immediately returned to discussing matters of great importance. She stood there for a minute or two, trying to talk to us. We said, ‘Yes, yes, okay.’ But she eventually left. ‘See ‘You later, bye’ and that was that. “We had a love encounter. We waved goodbye and went back to our conversation again,” Lobaszenko continued the story.

what happened after that? “After a while, Bartoska comes and asks: Where is she?” ‘And from?’ -We are amazed. “Okay, Salma Hayek.” “What? Was it Salma Hayek?” -We are even more surprised. “What idiots! I brought you Salma Hayek and you didn’t even talk to her. But we didn’t know, and we didn’t hear her name!” – reported the actor.

In 1997, Lobaszenko got behind the camera for the first time. His debut, “Sztos,” tells the story of two con artists (Cesare Bazora and Jan Nowicki) plotting revenge on another con artist. However, Lubaszenko’s second film turned out to be a huge success. The action-comedy film Boys Don’t Cry (2000) won the hearts of the Polish audience. Quotes from the film are still quoted today. The film’s colorful characters are also unforgettable, especially gangster Grusha and his jacket, whose story you wouldn’t understand anyway. Lubaszenko’s next film, “Coyote’s Morning”, appears to be a spiritual continuation of “Boys…”, and part of the cast is back as well. While it is also considered a cult classic by many, reviewers found it to be inferior. Lobaszenko’s subsequent films: “E=mc²” (2002), “The Golden Mean” (2009) and “Sztos 2” (2011) did not repeat the success of the 2000 production.

In recent years, Lubaszenko mainly appears in television series. In 2002, he played one of the main characters in the sensational “Package”. In the years 2007-2011, he was a member of the cast of the series “Colors of Happiness”, where he played the role of Roman, the paramedic and husband of Maria (Isabella Cunha). His hero bid farewell to the series in dramatic circumstances. He died of a heart attack moments after saving a little girl from a burning car. In turn, in 2015-2016 Lobashenko appeared in the series “Firefighters”, where he played the role of Witold, the head of the volunteer fire department. The actor also appeared regularly in the series “Blondynka”.

In 2018, Lobaszenko appeared on movie screens twice. First, he played an episode in “Mafia Women” in which he explains to heroine Olga Budash what it means for someone to have ambivalent feelings towards you; Then he appeared in the romantic comedy “Love is Everything”, where he played the role of an unusual Santa Claus.

Olaf Lobaszenko He has been extremely overweight for many years. However, there came a moment in his life when he said “no” to extra kilograms and began to lose weight rapidly. In the end, he lost nearly half of his body weight!

The actor, who was at his worst, standing at 179cm tall and weighing 165kg, is now about 80kg lighter.

In 2015, Lobaszenko wrote his autobiography, “Let Boys Cry.” In its pages, he described not only his artistic achievements, but also his private life, especially his relationship with his father and his fight against obesity and depression. “The book was not intended to be a catharsis, but it turned out to be. When Pawel Piotrovich and I finished writing these conversations, I felt a spiritual lightness. By talking about something, we free ourselves from some problems and traumas.” He admitted while promoting it.

The Super website quoted the actor as saying: “I went to the obesity doctor, and I was about to have surgery, but usually when I start discussing the topic of surgery, there is an effect of fear, and the body moves and begins to lose weight.” pass”.

In an interview with Newsweek a few years ago, he admitted that his weight problems were related to the depression he once suffered from.

“Depression and obesity are twin sisters. My weight is a symptom, not the cause. I’ve dealt with the cause. But it doesn’t really matter which came first.” – Depression and obesity are ghost twin sisters. Perfectly coordinated and matched. They have two other siblings: diabetes and sleep apnea, Lobaszenko said.

In 2023, the actor returns to the movie screen in Grzegorz Jaroszczuk’s film “Plessy”. He played the role of a father who sets out with his two adult children to search for their mother, who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. – “Closing” turned out to be the beginning of a “return to the roots” for me, after years of playing in a more “open” way, I missed it and am trying to use minimalist methods again in expression – the actor admitted in an interview with Interia.

He also appeared in a number of series: “Mother,” “Rafi,” and “Lipovo. The Conspiracy of Silence.” – I am very happy that I was able to participate in several series. “This not only proves my greed, but also proves that a lot of them are being created, but maybe also the creators and viewers are missing me a little,” Interia said.

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