Elvis (2022) - review, opinion about the film [Warner Bros].  return of the king

Elvis Presley’s manager, Colonel Tom Parker, tells the story of his acquaintance with the king of rock and roll. People accuse him that Elvis died because of him, but he’s going to show us fans that’s not true. Fasten your seat belt. It’s time to rock and roll!

Baz Luhrmann creates specific, stunning films that are pleasing to the eye and ear and music videos. Sometimes people are pleased with her pump, as in the case of “Moulin Rouge”, and at other times they complain – “The Great Gatsby”. You may like his artistic sensibility or not, but you can’t deny him one thing – he can make a show. Personally, I really liked his interpretation of Gatsby, so this time I definitely went to the cinema. Besides, we’re talking about the king. You can’t go wrong.

Elvis 2022 movie review [Warner Bros]. Austin Butler is just Elvis Presley

The editors (two) for today’s movie had a lot of work. The film can be said to be divided into silent moments in which the story moves forward, as well as long, stylized musical numbers, Meanwhile, Austin Butler, who plays Presley, goes crazy on stage, the girls scream, their panties slip over their heads, the camera goes wild, cutting from character to character, and from reaction to reaction, sometimes showing several scenes at a time. One – and it doesn’t always happen at the same time. I think we’re on average having one cut per second here, which, given the length of the video, gives us about 9,000 frames. Overtaking comes rather quickly, but you have to admit that thanks to this, the film, which is more than two and a half hours, flies very quickly.

The show itself isn’t enough, though. The magic, Elvis’s so distinctive kitsch and his theatrical scenes wouldn’t be enough on their own, they’ve even been tirelessly propelled by King’s greatest hits, from “Heartbreak Hotel” to “Hound Dog” to “Can’t Help Fall in Love.” The heart and soul of the film are the perfect Tom Hanks and Austin Butler as Parker and Presley, respectively. Taking on a relatively unknown actor in the main role was a risky business on Luhrmann’s part, but it was worth a try. The boy literally became Elvis – The way he talks, how he moves, how he looks. The makeup was so good that when we turn to the archival footage of Presley at the end of the movie, I wasn’t sure at first if she was still a butler. Something had changed, but I had no idea what was going on. But looks are only one thing. I was so impressed with how perfect he was, with the tone of Elvis that the actor was able to work with, how gently he parted his lips the whole time, how he shot those hips, and that girls who sharpened from a young age were tearing their throats out for yelling. This is one of those roles where the actor is completely invisible And I’m not sure if such an effect would have been achieved if it had been played, for example, by Harry Styles (and apparently wanted to).

Elvis 2022 movie review [Warner Bros]. Some deviations from the truth had to be discovered

Elvis and his director, Colonel Parker

History is complete! Long ago, Forrest Gump taught little Elvis how to rotate his knees, and now it’s his adult novel that has discovered him. Tom Hanks He’s a legend, an actor made to play good heroes, good uncles and the like. He rarely plays bad guys, so it’s interesting to see him play a spoiled character like Parker. It’s funny how exaggerated, even cartoonish, director Presley, but even in such a role, Hanks and Luhrmann manage to find interesting and magnetic elements, which is certainly helped by the almost tangible chemistry between Hanks and Butler. Well, the colonel, as I mentioned above, is convinced that he helped Elvis, that he was not a leech, but a faithful partner, and Hanks plays him in such a way that the viewer is not entirely sure how much it was just a calculated stunt. Repeating the facts heard to earn Presley’s privileges, and how much he really trusts all of this. There is some unsettling magic in watching his narration that doesn’t coincide with the events on screen – At least until we remember that this story actually happened. To some extent.

I’m not the biggest fan of Elvis in the world and as I know his music very well, all I know about him as a human is that he loves little girls. Intrigued by the show, I decided to bury a little (very superficially) to see how the events in the film fit into the King’s life story. The general nature and sequence of events are correct, But the whole thing was, of course, streamlined and aptly adapted to Hollywood. So we have a very clear white Elvis and a completely dark Parker. Presley himself, as is often the case in the biopic film genre, is an almost entirely positive character, with some flaws, which usually aren’t even his fault. From time to time, characters’ motivations or certain details don’t match up, so most loyal fans might feel a bit offended, but if somewhere in your mind you think this is a fiction rather than a documentary, you can forgive those things.

“Elvis” display. It’s kitsch, it’s glamor, it’s controlled chaos. It’s a movie that in some places feels more like a farce than an account of the lives of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll stars in history, but that’s what it was meant to be, because that’s what Elvis was like. – A fan of Captain Marvel Jr. and Kung Fu movies. Once we get used to the aggressive editing and harsh eye-attacking colors, we can focus on the great acting, biased but engaging story and great music. This is one of those movies that are worth watching on the big screen, or at least on a good sound system. This is it. Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has left the building. I’m going to chase him.

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