Interest rates December 2023. Latest decision of the Monetary Policy Board

During its meeting in December, the Monetary Policy Board decided to keep interest rates on the National Bank of Japan unchanged. The reference rate currently stands at 5.75 percent.

The two-day Monetary Policy Board meeting concluded on Wednesday. Economists expected that the Monetary Policy Board would not change interest rates at its last meeting this year.

The Monetary Policy Committee’s decision was consistent with the expected scenario.

interest ratesPAP

interest rates

The Council decided to keep the interest rates on the National Bank unchanged:

– The reference price is 5.75 percent on an annual basis;

– Lombard rate 6.25 percent on an annual basis;

– The interest rate on deposits is 5.25 percent on an annual basis;

– The re-discount rate for bills of exchange is 5.80%. on an annual basis;

– The promissory note discount rate is 5.85%. On an annual basis.

The information will be published after the Monetary Policy Committee meeting at 16:00 on the National Bank website.

On Thursday, December 7 at 3:00 pm, there will be a press conference by NBP President, Adam Glabinski.

A month ago, the Monetary Policy Council also kept interest rates unchanged. This year, the Monetary Policy Board cut interest rates twice. Once in September by 75 pips. Al-Qaeda for the second time in October, with a difference of 25 points. a base. In total, prices fell by one point. percent

Main image source: Bab/Wojciech Olkosnik

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