Rushed to hospital by limousine due to lack of ambulance following discomfort: Beatrice Picard feels fine

Beatrice Picard, who suffered an illness that took her to the hospital last Saturday, returned home with a new philosophy: “To play until I’m 100, not in a wheelchair” if she wants to slowly reach her ultimate goal.

“It’s okay, I’ll be here for a long time. It was a bit too much work. They revived me in the hospital,” 94-year-old Beatrice Picard assures excitedly. Newspaper.

The actress fell ill during the Saint-Jérôme Seniors Fair last Saturday. It’s Dr. Francois Marquis – we saw him on the show recently Get me out of here – At that time the person by her side mouthed “I don’t think it’s right” and told her to go to the hospital. »

The actress was taken to a nearby hospital in a ministerial car (the official limousine of Health and Seniors Minister Sonia Bélanger), as it was faster than waiting for an ambulance (an hour to an hour). half wait) to go to the hospital.

“It was so quick, I don’t really remember it,” says Beatrice Picard, laughing. The actress told Mario Dumont that the minister was “not happy and went to the Saint-Jerome hospital to complain”.

Beatrice Picard spent 24 hours in the hospital, where several tests and tests were done on her pacemaker.

“At my age, if I’m not careful, you tire quickly. We go beyond our strengths and our heart discussions. This was useful for me because it allowed me to say to myself: be careful, take less or take time to slow down. It’s like walking into an old jalopy garage,” he continues with his trademark mocking air.

  • Béatrice Pickard was on QUB Radio’s microphone to talk about her youth in Quebec. QUB Radio :


The actress – who dubbed the voice of Marge Simpson for 33 seasons – has many projects, including performances with pianist Philippe Prudthome, then with the “one-man band” Jean-Jacques Porteau and her friend Marie-Josie. Longchamps, Quebec hosts speeches by teachers. All for 2024, “So I gotta get in shape,” breathes the one who doesn’t hesitate to “rock the grown-ups.”

“I tell them to have plans and fight to keep their place, not to say you’re too old. For me, if I want to do something, give me space to do it. We make room for young people, we have to make room for adults. Since I’ve reached a certain age, I’m in a wheelchair. It doesn’t mean staying at home.”

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