Singer Robbie Williams reveals a hitman's goal

Robbie Williams said he was aiming for a winner at the peak of his career.

The singer, who began his career with the band Tag Thatch, has actually revealed in a new interview that he had a gift in his head many years ago.

He told The Mirror: “I never said that, but they put a deal in my head. I’m never talked about it publicly before. It’s over now. I have friends. This material is the hidden side of fame. At some point in my life, I’m very much like Michael Jackson. I became famous at the age of 17. I was in a boy band at the age of 16. The band left.When I was 21, I started a solo career, I sold millions of albums, I had a record for tickets sold in a single day.

The singer, who released the album ‘The Christmas Present’ in 2019, also admitted that he suffered from depression and anxiety due to his fame.

“Excessive fame and extreme success are associated with anxiety, depression and mental illness,” he said. “There are many levels of fame, each affecting you differently.”

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