nucleus.  Bosak intervenes in the Polish Financial Supervision Authority regarding Ukrainian oligarchs

Kernel is a Ukrainian holding company headquartered in Luxembourg, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, operating in the food sector. It is one of the largest producers of rapeseed oil in the world. In November, the Confederation warned that we may be dealing with a serious economic scandal. Then Krzysztof Bosak began to take action on this matter.

Kernel issue

On Monday, the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, together with lawyer and investor Rafael Rzeszotarski, went to a meeting with the head of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. Earlier, remember what the “Kernel Scandal” was about.

– After many years of existence, a Ukrainian oligarch is trying to remove a listed company with huge assets in Ukraine from the Polish Stock Exchange, recalls Bosak, adding that the devaluation of the currency is caused by the war, but also from his own deliberate actions.

Bosak explained that the idea was to reduce the share price, deprive Polish shareholders of the company's future fate, and exit the Polish Stock Exchange with 100 percent ownership. assets, and previously did not own even 90 percent. Shares of this company. These actions, if they occurred only under Polish law, would be completely illegal, Bosak stressed, adding that the Ukrainian oligarch is trying to take advantage of legal loopholes that exist at the intersection of Polish, Ukrainian and Luxembourgish law, where the company is registered.

The politician warned that Polish investors, including pension funds, are at risk of losses of amounts that can be conservatively estimated at one billion Polish zlotys, and ultimately reach billions of Polish zlotys.

Bosak: We expect a clear position from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority

Bosak said it was unbelievable that no one in Polish politics had dealt with such a serious stock market scandal. The National Movement leader added that the matter should be resolved by the PiS government, but Prime Minister Morawiecki was not interested, nor was Donald Tusk, the current head of the October 15 coalition.

The Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives confirmed on behalf of the Union that he would not abandon this matter. He added that he expects action from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, stock market authorities and the Minister of Finance as the supervisory body. If these institutions exercise their powers correctly, there will be no fear among Polish investors, there will be no free sale of quarterly shares, and there will be no opportunity for such manipulation.

Bosak expressed his expectation of a clear position from the financial supervisory authorities that Kernel will not be withdrawn from the Polish Stock Exchange in violation of Polish law.

Later in the conference, Dr. Rzeszotarski spoke.

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