MasterChef restaurant reopening: esteemed guests await contestants

The MasterChef restaurant will reopen this week, and special guests await the participants.

Now there are 10 amateur chefs to wear the white apron with pride. After the mystery box challenge, where they have to cook with some dishes, the participants will form teams to open a MasterChef restaurant.

The MasterChefs contestants must re-team to reopen the MasterChefs restaurant.

Photo provided by TVA

The blues and reds will face each other again, but this time they will have to cook for their family and friends, who will come to surprise and inspire them.

Then, at the end of the week, the code will give some candidates a tough time. One of them will unfortunately be eliminated from the tournament.

In front of judges Martin Picard and Stefano Faida, Yves, the participants of “MasterChefs Québec” must reunite to reopen the MasterChef restaurant.

Photo provided by TVA

program MasterChef Quebec Airs weekdays at 7:30pm on TVA and can be rerun TVA+.

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