January 30, 2023


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Leroy Merlin will be open on non-commercial Sundays.  Change from November 7, 2021

Leroy Merlin will be open on non-commercial Sundays. Change from November 7, 2021

Leroy Merlin Polska announced that it will also open all of its stores on non-commercial Sundays. It will be on November 7. Network representatives noted that the decision concerned, inter alia, the “activities of competitors”. Earlier, we reported that Bricomarche opens its stores on non-commercial Sundays.

The law that restricted Sunday trading is in effect since March 1, 2018. However, a list of 32 exemptions has been made available. The ban does not apply, among other things, to post offices, pastry shops, ice cream parlors, liquid gas stations, flower shops, newsagents or cafes.

The exception regarding postal touch points is indicated by larger retail chains that decide to open stores on non-commercial Sundays. At least for now, it will take effect in a few months Amending the regulations to close the ban on trading on Sunday.

Earlier, we reported that some of their stores Bricomarche is open on non-commercial Sundays. It is a chain of “home and garden” supermarkets. As reported by industry portal Wiadomościhandlowe.pl from October 24 this year. Most Castorama stores are also open on non-commercial Sundays.

Now Leroy Merlin decided to take such a step.

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Sunday trading ban – Leroy Merlin will open stores

In mid-October, representatives of the Leroy Merlin chain did not confirm reports that stores were open on non-commercial Sundays. “We are currently monitoring the development of the market situation and were surprised to receive the information about the opening of our competitors’ stores on Sunday,” Maximilian Pawlowski of Leroy Merlin Polska’s press office said in the response sent to us.

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On Tuesday, a message was posted on the network’s website, announcing that it had finally been decided to open stores. “Leroy Merlin Polska opens all 71 stores on Sunday, starting from November 7. The opening of stores is associated with competition activities and the desire to ensure equal opportunities for customers to access possibilities for home and garden needs” – we read. As mentioned in the ad, Leroy Merlin stores have enjoyed the status of post offices for a long time.

The chain reported that on Sundays, “only those employees who have declared their willingness to do so will work in the stores.” “There is a voluntary principle and employees who want and have the opportunity to work on Sunday can count on attractive overtime pay” – it was emphasized.


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