"About the series": You see that $20 million is spent on each episode of this show

– to me “Dragon Lineage” I was approaching a new series. This offer has its advantages “Game of thrones”. Everything is an allegory of something from the real world. And I loved him very much. But I don’t like one thing. If I put it as one of the “Game of Thrones” episodes, I’d say: Yes, it’s “Game of Thrones,” we’ve already seen it – says Piotr Markiewicz.

– But after the first episode you can see a great start to the fact that at least four seasons will be easy, and given the results, we can prepare for seven – sums up Piotr Markiewicz.

The series and movies we are talking about:

  • (0:44) – “The Line of Action” (NETFLIX)
  • (2:40) – “Night Sky” (Amazon Prime Video)
  • (8:25) – “Another 365 days” (Netflix)
  • (9:00) – “House of the Dragon” (HBO MAX)
  • (6:30 p.m.) – “She Hulk” (Disney +)
  • (20:45) – “Sandman” (Netflix)
  • (23:55) – Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero
  • (28:40) – “Better Caul Saul” (Netflix)
  • (31:35) – “Wu-Tang: An American Saga” (Disney +)
  • (37:20) – “Under the Banner of Heaven” (Disney +)
  • (41:10) – “Samurai Marathon” (Amazon Prime Video)
  • (43:10) – “The thief, his wife, and the kayak” (HBO MAX)
  • (47:40) – “Slavs” (Amazon Prime Video)
  • (52:10) – “French courier from Liberty, Kansas Evening Sun” (Vod.pl)
  • (53:00) – “Purple Rivers” (channel +)
  • (53:35) – “Whitechapel Killer” (channel +)
  • (54:25) – “Heritage. Hereditary” (Apple TV +)
  • (55:20) – “The Sting” (Netflix)
  • (57:00) – “Hidden Characters” (HBO MAX)

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