Nolan didn't want to make The Dark Knight.  His brother talked to him about it
“The Dark Knight” may never have been produced. Jonathan Nolan just revealed that his brother Christopher Nolan was reluctant to make another Batman Begins movie after making Batman Begins. The director was afraid of being labeled a superhero filmmaker, and his brother had to convince him.

Jonathan Nolan convinced his brother to direct The Dark Knight

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Jonathan Nolan recently appeared on Armchair Expert, where he talked about how he encouraged his brother Christopher to continue the Batman trilogy.

Chris was reluctant to make another film
Jonathan Nolan remembers. He didn't want to be a super director.

Jonathan noted that Chris was very proud of Batman Begins, but was ready to give up the Batman character.

Jonathan remembers saying to his brother: We spent an hour telling this hero's origin story. What can we do about it? Can we take the same characters and twist them a little bit into a different genre? Can we go from an adventure film to a crime story to a mafia story and still have the same feeling?

Producer Charles Roven, Chris and I sat down together and I said, “My friend, don't be a coward. Let's do this!”Nolan adds. When the script was ready, I said, “This is going to be great. This is exciting. We have to make this movie.” In the end he agreed. He was able to avoid being categorized.

I have a few comments: We're talking about Nolan's “Batman” movie.

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