June 8, 2023


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Olbrychski on ‘The Flood’: Hoffman and I received threats

He admitted that the director considered him as Mesic when he was offered the role of Asya Thojebegovic. He stated that the future of “The Flood”, in fact, depended on whether “Pan Wołodyjowski” would be successful – only then would it be possible to collect money. “And who plays Kamicic if not you?” You’re still a little young now, and you will be in a few years, Hoffman said.

And although Olbrychski didn’t want to play Asia because he thought it would embarrass and beat people up, he eventually agreed. Unfortunately, when it was announced a few years later that he would play the main character in “The Flood,” the criticisms poured in. Viewers and critics felt that he was not right for the role.

– Although there were no color magazines, they spread to such an extent that Hoffmann and I were threatened – he told RMF24. – I was in great pain and was on the verge of refusing and quitting, even though Hoffman said he would not shoot without me. Sometimes, when I was going home by tram, the whole tram would leave. They said they wouldn’t go with this impudent kid who dares to play Jędrek Kmicic – he added.

Surprisingly, the American actor Kirk Douglas finally persuaded him to play the role. Apparently, he wanted them to play father and son in an American production. Olbrychski then had to be dismissed because of his work on “The Flood”.

– You said that millions of Poles are protesting that I shouldn’t play it. Listen, he says, you live in a very interesting country for an actor, because even before you play, there’s already a national debate about whether you should act. This means that the actor and what he has to do is very important in your country. (…) Forget my movie. I don’t know if I would ever do that. Play and bring people to their knees, said the actor.

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