Sandman had a bad start on Netflix and the melodrama Breaking the Bank

Sandman, adapted from Neil Gaiman’s atmospheric anecdotal series, debuted on Netflix last week, ranking as one of the most-watched series in recent days. However, we can’t talk about breaking any records. The movie “Purple Hearts” has made a sudden jump in interest.

The first season of the series “Sandman” is receiving a diverse reception – although many viewers can not fathom some of the casting options, there are also opinions that it is a very faithful and refined adaptation of the comedy, which conveys the atmosphere created on the pages of the comics​ to the new broker. The creativity of the actors involved in the project also seems to be of interest. Piotrek loved the production – here you can find our review.

After the first weekend, “Sandman” can boast of only 69 million hours of views – in theory the result looks very promising, but in the case of such a well-known IP, the start can be considered poor. In recent months, the fourth season of “Virgin River” (105 million), the third season of “The Umbrella Academy” (124 million), “Lincoln Lawyer” (108 million), and the second season were more popular at the time of their first show on Netflix. “Bridgertons” (193 million), “Vikings: Walhalla” (80 million hours), while “Stranger Things 4” reached 286 million hours and for several weeks more than 100 million hours were added a week on the total viewership. Squid Game remains the undisputed leader on the platform, generating 448 million hours during the first three days of streaming.

Much smaller, and sometimes little-known brands have 69 million hours off their first week, and you have to remember that “Sandman” has been promoted at several Netflix events.

Purple heart result 2 weeks

An interesting situation can be noted in the film department – in the United States, “Uncharted” is already available on SVOD, which produced only 20 million hours, which is probably due to the limited distribution. However, “Purple Hearts” performed much better – it debuted two weeks ago, a melodrama about the love of an aspiring singer and a Marine. Despite starting only 48 million hours of viewing, In recent days, subscribers have spent more than 102 million hours checking history.

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