Danuta Stenka is 60 years old.  Kiss with Foremniak and other unknown facts

  • Danuta Stenka was born in Kashubia. She made her debut at the Współczesny Theater in Szczecin in 1984.
  • It began to appear on the screens in the mid-nineties. Her first significant film roles were in Mariusz Treliński’s “agodna”, Krzysztof Lang’s “Provocator” and Maciej Dutkiewicz’s “Night Graffiti”.
  • Over the years, her film portfolio has been filled with dramatic and comedic roles that viewers love for their originality and uniqueness.
  • On October 10, 2021, the actress turns 60 years old. For 30 years she has been the happy wife of Janusz Grzelak
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In the transcript of Lukasz Macijuwski’s conversations with Danuta Stenka, “Flirting with Life,” the actress recalls: “My first encounter with the theater. My mother, then a child in kindergarten, took me to the Weberis Theater in Gdansk. I had no idea what the place was. Suddenly a light came on before us and I saw an old-fashioned sofa on which a real princess and a real prince were sitting, both dressed in beautiful costumes. There are no more princesses and princes like these! It was something out of the ordinary for me. Magic. When you are a child, anything is possible.”

It started with “Witches of Salem”

Danuta Stinka She was born in Kashubia on October 10, 1961. She grew up in a family of a Russian language teacher who worked as an electrician. Long She didn’t think about acting, even when people around her suggested it directly. After graduating from high school, she did not enter any Polish theater school, convinced that she would not be accepted. In the end, she decided to go to the actors’ studio at the Wybrzeże Theater in Gdansk, where she graduated in 1984. Soon, she made her debut on the Współczesny Theater in Szczecin as Abigail in “Czarownice z Salem” dir. Enki Dulles.

Later, more posts and roles appeared. She played in Teatr Nowy in Pozna and in the theaters of Warsaw: Dramatyczny, Rozmaitości and Narodowy, and since 1988 she has sung in the television theater. The actress was mainly cast in dramatic roles.

The most famous roles of Danuta Stenka are: the role of George Sand in the film “Chopin. Desire for Love”, Judita in “Never in my life!”Rose, the general’s wife in the movie “Katen”Twins Teresa Woodjic and Maria Chmorska in the movie “The Perfect Man for My Girl” and in the TV series: “God’s Lining”, “Weather for Friday”, “Doctors” and “The Absent”. She is also a dubbing actress, and her voice can be heard, among other things, in the animated series “The Chronicles of Narnia”.

The actress has been the happy wife of Janusz Grzelak for 30 years. The couple has two adult daughters. In an interview with Bani, Danuta Stenka admitted:I fell in love many times, but for the first and only time with Janusz I thought, I’m even sure that this man will be my husband“.

Little-known facts from the life of Danuta Stenka:

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