“How World War II Began” – what do you remember from the film?  Take the quiz and check what you know about the fate of Frank Dulles

The history of Polish comedy goes back a long way. The 1970s and 1980s certainly became one of her key moments, and the monumental work remains one of the most important productions to this day. How did World War II start? Film production began in the late 1960s, and he was at the helm from the beginning Tadeusz Chmielewski. The filming period was 1969, and the plot required the creators to search for spaces that could mimic different parts of the world, including the desert. How did World War II start? It premiered on April 2, 1970 and was originally produced as a black-and-white production. Adventures franca dollassa, Which he played brilliantly marian kusiniak, Who was convinced that he was the cause of the outbreak of World War II, immediately won the sympathy of viewers and critics.

Big love to Marian Kociniak. Cooper's story

“How the Second World War Began” – a quiz from the cult comedy

The production has already entered the canon, and its scenes have become gags that have entered Polish culture forever. How well do you remember this iconic production? Test yourself in our quiz!

“How did World War II start” – how well do you remember the famous Polish comedy? a test

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What is the title of the novel on which the film is based?

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