Carolina Corwin Piotrowska scores points in oncology at Polish film schools: "They work like the mafia! They destroy students!"

Soon another book by pen will appear on the shelves of bookshops all over Poland Carolina Corwin Piotrovska. everyone knew It is to be a collection of interviews with graduates of Polish acting schools who have experienced mobbing by lecturers. First talk about the diseases hidden behind the walls of the most famous academies of art Anna Baleja. Soon, she was joined by other colleagues in the industry. It turns out that the frightening story of the brave actress was not an isolated incident.

In the last interview of the magazine high heels Carolina Corwin Piostrowska It states that many teachers could indulge in such shameful behavior because they did not have to deal with any consequences. Schools were to be governed by sects whose members the industry considered untouchable.

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Until now, schools have been operating like mafia systemsA group of people grows up in them with a sense of impunity, because they will protect each other if necessary, and matters relating to colleagues will be hidden. There is a reason why, when I started working on the book, some people told me: “But you know some people won’t shake your hand anymore?” You are entering a dangerous area. – mentions Corwin Piotrovska.

According to the journalist, this phenomenon was reinforced by the aura of exclusivity around which the mentors of novice actors spread. Viewing teachers as infallible teachers, students could not oppose them.

The environment was known to be small and connected to an invisible web of social, professional or financial ties. Breaking these friendships, camaraderie, and common interests seemed impossible to the unknown youth without any effect. The lecturers lived with a sense of exclusivity, grandeur and power, believing that an artist could do more, they had been for years in a state of genius and impunity, in case of mishap they knew we “do not touch ourselves”, “the powers behind it” and hidden. Through colleagues, through the regime, and through friendly media that provided little or no information about scandals in the environment. (…) After they left school, the same professors who were destroying students decided who would get jobs. Students often hear: “I will recommend you go to theaters after school … or not.” In such a circle of people who know each other, it suffices to say: “She is helpless,” and she will no longer have a job.

The case is cited as an example Susanna Letwho remained at the age of 19 Forced to undress while role-playing. If the girl refuses to take off her bra, the lecturer on the group will fail. And after completing the assignment, the actress heard from the teacher that she was a “good girl”.

Young women, some of whom have never had partners before, are forced to stand half-naked in front of the lecturers and students, that is, strangers, because this is the teacher’s vision. Sometimes it is difficult to undress in front of the doctor! If we are concerned that the Miss World contest has become objective, how do we call these practices? – Corwin Piotrovska noticed.

[Dziewczyny] They began their studies with heads full of imagination and in the first moments were humiliated and criticized. “It’s a pity you can’t cut those fat legs “,” You can work in a shop with that mouth “,” You’re boring, you want to puke “. They are used to this kind of comment, because no one reacted, because no one apologized for similar words. No thinking of the leaders, “examined” more.

Do you think that as a result of public debate, these outrageous behaviors will eventually be curtailed and perpetrators punished accordingly?

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