Matura 2024. CKE papers leaked online.  The CKE chief replied: We have reported the matter to the police

On Wednesday, high school students took their exams Mandatory high school exam in mathematics. Several dozen minutes into the exam, images of the assignment sheet began to appear online. He commented on the matter in an interview with Interia Director of the Central Examinations Commission, Marcin Smolek.

Without the PESEL number photographed, I cannot tell where the photo was taken. He said that it was clear that the supervisory team did not pay any attention to the matter.

As we learned on Thursday, the event is ongoing.

– He said: – We report the math problem to the police and wait to see if anything can be found Marcin Smolik.

Matura 2024. Leaves images online. CKE about leaks

Leaked photos of final exam papers It happened on the first day of exams. Images of the paper appeared on social media Matura exams in the Polish language.

But in this case, the issue of identifying the person who brought a mobile phone into the room and took pictures with it, contrary to regulations, was much easier. It was visible in the pictures Bissell number The person taking the exam. Her exam was interrupted and invalidated.

Matura 2024. English language. Online paper. Another leak

High school graduates took the foreign language exam on Wednesday. The vast majority of them chose that English. Shortly after the start of the exam, pictures of papers containing some of the final exam tasks appeared on the Internet.

They showed that the final task was a blog entry about an individual trip, which the students confirmed after the test. This is the third high school dropout.

Matura 2024, English. CKE Worksheets and Answers in Interia

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