January 28, 2023


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Houston?  We don't have a problem!  Skypersonic tested NASA's Mars aircraft technology

Houston? We don’t have a problem! Skypersonic tested NASA’s Mars aircraft technology

from the moment you The first Mars helicopter took off from the surfaceIt’s been more than a year. However, by the time that happened, it was already certain NASA will not stop at creativity. In the future, more advanced flight instruments will fly to Mars, but Appropriate technology is needed for this purpose. Skypersonic can make a significant contribution to its development.

exactly exams are over carried out in the place where The geological conditions are similar to the surface of Mars. It is an arid region devoid of vegetation and full of diverse terrain. Similar conditions exist on Mars, apart from the much smaller density of the atmosphere on the Red Planet. However, the specialists from Skypersonic have successfully tested them there Software and hardware.

Tests have been done Under contract with NASAthat have been signed with the company for a period of 5 years and to which they apply Connect software and hardware and support for future participating drones and roving vehicles Simulation of a NASA mission to Mars.

The Skycopter drone participated in the 15-day tests, allowing remote control from anywhere on Earth. This time, they were serving him via a real-time remote connection Operators from Houston, Texas. The undoubted advantage of the drone is that it does not require a connection to a GPS system to fly. The technology used in Skycopter enables it to fly in places where there is no access to geolocation satellites.

The next stage of testing the technology used will be to simulate a mission to Mars Earth Units Mars Dune Alpha. A crew of four will perform a series of missions, among which also remote exploration And the Sampling of uneven terrain on the earth.

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