Prime Video documentary on Celine Dion's health: “The last few years have been a huge challenge for me”

A documentary about Celine Dion's battle with severe personality disorder (RPS) will soon be released on Prime Video.

Amazon MGM Studios announced on Tuesday that it has acquired international rights to the documentary Me: Celine DionIt follows our national singer who has been sidelined from the stage for two years due to ill health.

Filming took a year under the direction of Oscar-winning director Irene Taylor, and the result can be seen in 240 countries and territories around the world.

Me: Celine Dion It focuses on the biggest fight in the career of the 55-year-old artiste, who has already been unable to sing for two years due to cramps linked to RPS. As we know, Celine Dion, who had to give up an international tour and a new residency in Las Vegas due to SPR, loves the spotlight more than anything.

“The past few years have been a huge challenge for me, from being diagnosed with the disease to figuring out how to live with it and manage it without letting it define me,” Celine Dion said in a statement on Tuesday.

Celine Dion reveals in video that she suffers from Stiff Person Syndrome on December 8, 2022.

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“When I come back to my life, I realize how much I missed by not being able to see myself Fans. In my absence, I wanted to document this part of my life to raise awareness of this little-known disease and help those who share this diagnosis.

Access to the star's personal life

Enthusiasts will have access to the wardrobe and personal effects of the superstar, who has sold more than 250 million albums since debuting at age 13. We'll find her in the recording studio and see unpublished moments from her personal life in what we promise will be a “moving, dynamic and poetic love letter to music.”

“Celine Dion is an international megastar whose career has been defined by her extraordinary work ethic and passion, but also by her tremendous dedication to herself. Fans“, underlined Jennifer Salke, Director of Amazon MGM Studios.

Prime Video documentary on Celine Dion's health: “The last few years have been a huge challenge for me”

Chantal Machabi and Celine Dion of the Montreal Canadiens after a game between the Montreal Canadiens and the Golden Knights in Las Vegas last fall.

Archive photo taken from Chantal Machabi's Instagram account

“This documentary is a raw and intimate portrait of a pivotal period in his personal and professional life, lifting the curtain on his journey as he overcomes an unthinkable diagnosis,” he added. His trust in us is an honor, and we look forward to sharing his story with Prime Video subscribers around the world.

Documentary produced by Sony Music Vision, Sony Music Entertainment Canada and Vermilion Films Me: Celine Dion It will launch on the platform soon, but no date has been announced yet.

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