Guy A.  Lepage wants to compete with everyone who talks about the new TVA show

Guy A. Lepage was called Two golden men and Rosalie Friday night.

Patrick Lace asked the presenter Everyone is talking about it What did he think of the new news program that TVA is preparing to face? Everyone is talking about it Sunday evening. The proposal will be led by Stephen Biro. More details here.

88 He says first. “ For 18 years, TVA 88 different shows have generally been very good from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm: La voix, Star Academie, La vrai nature, the Stephen, this would definitely be nice. But, the rest, in Tout le monde en parle, whatever the hockey, the Oscars, the Star Academy, we work as if it does not exist.

Those who want to see this are going. Everyone says 18 years, if you want to, you look at it, if you want to look the other way, you have the right. It doesn’t change anything for me “, He says.

He adds: ” I can not change two things in my life: weather and TVA programming. From there, we do our job. And, honestly, there are a lot of people who have worked on TVA against us, a lot of people I respect, of which I have a lot of friends. My friend Mark Dupree, I worked with Stephen Biro, who did things at RBO. My congratulations to them.

See here for guests who will receive Guy A. Lepage at Tout le monde en parle this Sunday.

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